Source: Pann,Nate

  • [+174 -6] Her eyes look fine, but why did she shave her jaw... UEE started to look weird after she got her jaw done too. Lizzy's cuteness is gone ㅠㅠ
  • [+131 -3] Why'd she do it??? She was prettier before this
  • [+53 -0] She reminds me of those comb patterned potteries
  • [+51 -1] I saw this and realized how much she changed... can't find any of the cuteness she had before the surgery..
  • [+39 -2] I know that having a V line is beautiful, but I don't know why Korean women are so obsessed with the egg shaped face. I live overseas and foreigners think that faces like Angelina Jolie are really sexy and pretty. I've seeing a lot on Facebook that so many people get their jaws thinner but it just looks weird, because as you get older, people end up resorting to botox to maintain it.