JYJ's Park Yoo Chun appears before the media today as he heads to work in Gangnam District Office in the afternoon today.

According to reports, Park Yoo Chun didn't answer the questions from reporters and bowed his head the whole time. He is wearing a mask and cap today accompanied by his managers and staff.

Meanwhile, latest reports today (June 15) state that Ms. Lee has dropped the sexual assault charges against Park Yoo Chun and clarifies that the sexual intercourse had consent and not forced, contrary to the initial accounts.

In regards to whether the investigation will proceed or not, the police states, "Right now it's vague since Ms. Lee said that it wasn't a forced intercourse. A discussion is needed whether we will continue the investigation or not."

Another official adds, "Park Yoo Chun's side hasn't been contacted  (by Ms. Lee's side) yet. Regarding whether Ms. Lee will receive punishment, we are not in discussion of that stage yet considering the current situation."