A brief yet heartwarming gestures between two fandoms happened last night during Seventeen's "My Little Television" live broadcast.

EXO's fans, EXO-L and Seventeen's Carats found themselves trending each other on Twitter last night. According to fan accounts on SNS, it was triggered by Carats who noticed that the fanchant for Seventeen's song "Shining Diamond" has the phrase "let's love" which has been a trademark of EXO-Ls' fanchants. Carats attempted to reach out to Pledis through SNS to change the fanchant in consideration for EXO-Ls. EXO fans noticed the thoughtful act of Seventeen fans and expressed their gratitude mentioning their fandom name 캐럿분들 (Carats) along with messages of "thank you Carats","Carats are kind","Let's be friends with Carats" and so on.

When Carats found out that they are trending on Twitter because of EXO-Ls, they are overwhelmed and thanked them back by trending EXO-Ls name 에리분들. Moreover, Carats also showed their support to EXO by sharing proof shots of their MelOn streaming of "Monster". The gestures were heartwarming that both fandoms immediately trended on Korean Twitter and exchanged warm and beautiful messages to each other.