Source: Jung Yonghwa under suspicion in manipulation of stock price "He said he had no greed for money..."

  • [+1,702 -26] For someone who once claimed to not be greedy, he is making profit of 200 million won (around 172k USD) per week kkk
  • [+1,334 -19] There is no end in avarice and mistakes tend to be repeated
  • [+1,080 -26] That might be a large amount of money to us, but that's the kind of money that most celebrities can make easily... He is stupid to commit a crime for just 200 million won. Did he not think he'd get caught?
  • [+82 -3] How come  he was not embarrassed by using Yoo Jae Suk to scam money and yet still go on his variety show and see him face to face? What a ba$tard kkkk
  • [+55 -2] How dare you use Yoo Jae Suk.... after working with him on 'Running Man' and 'Infinity Challenge'