3rd of June, this afternoon in Seoul's District Court, the representative from Keyeast Ent, Mr Yang attended the court as the witness of Kim Hyun Jong, claimed that because of the lawsuit/scandal involving Kim Hyun Joong and Ms Choi, it has caused Kim Hyun Joong to suffer huge economic and financial losses for about 1 billion won. He further stated that without this scandal, Kim Hyun Joong might be doing better than Song Joong Ki in term of economic revenue.  

To backup the above statement, Kim Hyun Joong's attorney Mr Lee further listed these potential income whereby 'Mexico and China concerts amounting to 300 million, some exclusive CFs and ambassadors contracts amounting to 600 million, and drama in China'

Source: Nate

  • [+652 -25] Who is he blaming now? These scandals happened because of his trash actions, I hope he knows that Song Joong Ki is an upright/honest person, which is why he is so successful
  • [+624 -15] Is he serious about this?
  • [+583 -12] I don't even know what to criticize him anymore
  • [+51 -2] Nope... he never had the potential to be a star. The public is way more serious and strict when it comes to celebrities, besides I don't think Kim Hyun Joong would've had a long running career because he is awkward on stage, facial expressions and his acting is bad
  • [+47 -3] kkkkkkk by far the funniest article this year
  • [+29, -2] hahahaha I have not laughed for this hard over an article title in a while


  • [+2,488,-44] You should not blame the scandal for causing your loss, but your actions that led up the scandal
  • [+1,909 -132] fainted... how dare he compare himself to Song Joong Ki... this is so wrong
  • [+1,514 -45] kkkkkk this must be a joke, is the reporter an anti of him or these are the real words? kkkk He should have managed his private life properly if he didn't want this to happen