Seventeen's main vocalist Seungkwan shows his inner SONE and dances to every hit songs of SNSD on Super Junior Kiss The Radio.

Seventeen's Seungkwan and DK are the fixed hosts for Sukira's "danjjan danjjan" segment. Staff vote who among the two does better and the loser receives a penalty. For that day, Seungkwan loses and since SNSD's member Yuri was the special DJ, the penalty is for him to do a dance medley of SNSD's hit songs.

Seungkwan, despite coming straight from their New York schedule and 13 hrs flight, did the penalty and danced to every SNSD songs he can remember. Seungkwan even started from SNSD's debut song "Into the New World", as well as "Kissing You Baby", "Gee", "Tell Me Your Wish", "Oh!", "Hoot", "Lion Heart" and performed a total of 13 songs

Watch below: