Despite the storm she had been through before, she has only shown her strong image but this time, on broadcast, Tzuyu sheds tears for the first time while mentioning her family.

On the recent episode of "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator", Twice Tzuyu and Jungyeon are guests. During an interview, Tzuyu shares the happy moments she had while eating meals with her family. Jungyeon comments that Tzuyu often mentions that she is thinking of her mom while eating.

Tzuyu adds, "I have memories of eating happily with my family at home". When the MC asks, "Is there a time that you think of your mom while you're eating?" To his, Tzuyu chokes up and tears up while Jungyeon is surprised telling the hosts, "It's the first time she cries on broadcast," while comforting Tzuyu.

She must be missing his family and eating with them in her hometown so much. Be strong Tzuyu!