18 May 2024

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Fooyoh Entertainment Network is a company of websites residing under the same umbrella. Each of which is specific in its own genre and category. First launched in 2006, Fooyoh has now grown into 8 websites: Iamchiq.com | Menknowpause.com | Geekapolis.com | Geraldinho.com | TheDirecthor.com | Channelfit.com | Menknowcars.com | HomeGazine.com | Fooyoh

On top of all the media hotspots under the Fooyoh Entertainment Network, we have several services such as our Fooyoh Blog services. You can create an account and a blog when you logon to any one of the Fooyoh websites.

Fooyoh is still growing, and will be looking into more websites soon. So stay updated for this!
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