Times are changing.  Technological advances are being made at unprecedented rates.  For some of us, it can make us feel like we’re struggling to keep up in every industry – especially when we look at some of the changes that have been made to automobiles in the past decade (or even the past few years).  Innovations have come in every shape and form imaginable.

It stands to reason, then, that the alarms we install in our vehicles have started to evolve as well.  In the past, we’ve been limited to the ones that blare on and on in the background – half the time, people don’t even pay attention to them anymore.  Not exactly the most secure things in the world, as you can see here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/the-highway-code/annex-6-vehicle-maintenance-safety-and-security.  There are regulations in place for a reason.

What can we do to up our security game, then?  Today, we’ll be precisely covering that.  Stay tuned to learn more about what the next generation of anti-theft options are for your vehicle, especially as we look beyond simple alarm systems that don’t bring very much security.

What are Anti-Theft Devices?

Naturally, all of this begs the question of what anti-theft devices are in the first place.  Naturally, it’s a way to keep our vehicles safe from theft – that much is clear on the tin.  However, there are several different options as far as what we can use to do so.  Each has its pros and cons, and advancements are being made with this tech all the time!

Car Alarms

These are pretty much the “basics” of anti-theft options.  Typically, these systems include sensors that detect unauthorized entry, movement, or tampering.  They’re also equipped with loud sirens or flashing lights and may also trigger immobilizers or tracking systems depending on the specifics.  There are organizations such as Bespoke Vehicle Security that are trying to improve upon and evolve this simple option, though.


As their name suggests, immobilizers prevent the engine from starting until the correct key or key code is input.  They usually use internal transponder chips embedded in the vehicle's key or key fob.

Steering Wheel Locks

Another option similar to the ones above is steering wheel locks.  They keep the steering wheel physically locked and unable to move, rendering the vehicle essentially unsteerable.  Beyond their functionality, because they’re usually visible, they can deter thieves from choosing your car in the first place.

GPS and Electronic Tracking Systems

These are mostly useful if your vehicle does get stolen.  You see, they allow us to track the physical position of a car that’s been jacked, and we can relay that information to law enforcement.  They’re fairly popular in the UK since there is limited ground that a thief could cover in the first place, so locating them ideally won’t be overly difficult.

Powerbolt Locking Systems

The final type that we’d like to highlight for now is these: power bolt locking systems.  Most of the time when they’re offered, there are a few different options available.  Some of the most advanced ones have keys that have billions of possible combinations.  

Something to note is that these systems are electric.  They fire a certain number of stainless-steel pins into the door of the vehicle (with the number depending on the size of the car in question).  Most of the time, the pins will end up fired within about six seconds of the final door being closed, meaning that it would be exceptionally difficult for a thief to manage anything in that timespan.

Why Does This Matter, anyway?

With all of this said you may still be wondering why any of this is that important.  How often does vehicle theft happen anyway, right?  Well, there are several reasons why these matters, and it goes deeper than just protecting your vehicle in the short term.

You can read about some of those here: https://www.bvs.cloud, though we’ll be delving into it all as well.  You see, the main thing to keep in mind is that you want to prioritize the safety and security of yourself and your family.  Let’s delve into the specifics.

Peace of Mind

This is probably the most compelling reason behind deciding to install alarm systems and other anti-theft devices in our vehicles.  You can call anyone in the area about it and they’d probably feel similarly, especially considering some of the local organizations like:

Bespoke Vehicle Security
27 Nobel Square, Burnt Mills Industrial Estate, Basildon, SS13 1LP

Overall, having a reliable car security system in place can provide peace of mind to us as vehicle owners.  After all, it allows us to park our car without worry, knowing that it is less likely to be stolen or tampered with.

Resale Value

Something else to keep in mind is that you can help increase the value of your vehicle if you plan to resell it.  Whether you go through a dealership or through other channels like selling online or in your neighborhood, having a high-quality security system installed can be a real bonus.  

This isn’t guaranteed, of course, but it is good to keep it in mind even if you don’t have any plans to sell your vehicle in the near future.  You never know what the future could bring, after all.

Are Anti-Theft Devices Worth it?

The last question to think about here is whether or not it will be worthwhile to purchase one of these devices.  It will be up to you to decide what will be best for you and your family.  Still, it’s hard to deny the appeal all things considered.

Adding that extra layer of security and bringing that peace of mind is hard to put a price on.  As we approach the holiday season and the new year, you may find it worthwhile to get a next-generation anti-theft device for your vehicle here in the United Kingdom.  

Don’t forget that it can also help up the resale value of the car and help prevent the depreciation of value that comes along with time.  Hopefully, the resources we’ve provided can help you find an option that will suit the needs of you and your vehicle.