Ridesharing services like Uber have become increasingly popular in recent years. This has led to an increased number of accidents involving rideshare vehicles. Depending on the circumstances of the resulting accident, if you were the victim of a rideshare accident, you can recover compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages arising from the accident.

You can be overwhelmed and confused when involved in a rideshare accident, which is why you need an attorney to guide you through the complex legal system. This article discusses the eight strategies a lawyer will follow to win a rideshare accident case on your behalf.

· Investigate the accident

During the investigation phase, your attorney will obtain and review a copy of the police report to familiarize themselves with the case’s particulars. Additionally, they will interview and collect witness statements at the accident scene. A lawyer will also collect any viable evidence from the scene, including any damages to the car and any other property damage resulting from the accident. Through investigation, a lawyer will build a strong case and prove the liability of the defendant(s).

· Determine liabilities

To be compensated in a rideshare accident case, you must prove that the defendant was liable for the accident. An attorney will help you establish liability by reviewing the case facts and determining the role of the rideshare driver, the other driver, and the company. Additionally, a lawyer will help you determine comparative negligence.

· Assess the damages

After the eventuality of a rideshare accident, a lawyer will calculate medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering to help you understand the full extent of your losses. With this information, a lawyer will ensure you get rightful compensation for your losses.

· Communicate with the insurance company

After the rideshare accident has occurred, your lawyer will inform the insurance company. Communicating with the insurance company is vital in negotiating a favorable settlement for your troubles. For instance, a lawyer will share evidence of your damages resulting from the accident to determine fair compensation for your claim.

· File a lawsuit against the defendant

When the insurance company is reluctant to offer an acceptable settlement, filing a lawsuit against the defendant could be necessary. Using the facts of the case, your lawyer will draft and file a complaint explaining the allegations against the defendant. They will persist in their negotiations with the defendant and their company to arrive at fair compensation.

· Demonstrate the impacts of the accident

Your lawyer will demonstrate to the insurance company and the defendant the impacts of the case on your life. For instance, they will seek expert testimony from health professionals and economists to determine the extent of your injuries and the accident's future impacts on your finances.

· Prove the defendant’s negligence

Your rideshare attorney will demonstrate that the defendant failed to exercise reasonable care, which directly led to the accident. For example, your lawyer will demonstrate that the defendant drove recklessly when the accident happened.

· Negotiate a fair settlement

Your rideshare attorney’s first responsibility is to advocate for your best interests in the case. This includes other responsibilities to negotiate a fair settlement that fits your damages. Using the facts of the case obtained in the initial stages and their experience in similar successful cases, your lawyer will negotiate fair compensation.

In conclusion, when you or your loved one encounter a rideshare accident, we advise you to seek the help of an experienced rideshare attorney. As we have seen, thorough investigation, determining liability, assessing the damages, communicating with the insurance firms, filing a lawsuit, demonstrating the impacts of the case, proving negligence, and negotiating a fair settlement are critical strategies that your rideshare lawyer will handle on your behalf to help you recover.