The motorcycle culture has undergone a relative boom over the last few years. In New York, for instance, you’ll find motorcycling enthusiasts hitting the open road whenever the weather is favorable. The general infrastructure and transport system are gradually shifting towards accommodating all kinds of riders. Specifically, Garden City’s location allows residents and riders in the region to access the vibrant motorcycle scene nearby. Riders can explore the diverse riding routes, attend rider rallies, and connect with fellow enthusiasts in the larger metropolitan area and beyond.

The East Coast motorcycle boom has had a widespread effect in the region. However, the increasing prevalence of motorbike accidents is unfortunate. Even worse is the severity of injuries and impact for motorcyclists in an accident. Generally, a motorcyclist is more susceptible to injuries compared to other road users.

As a rider, you should be careful when on the road. Safe means following all road rules and always having your riding gear on. Nonetheless, this may not guarantee your complete safety as many accidents are caused by other vehicles and road users.

The steps you take immediately after a road accident are crucial to your health and the resulting case. After an accident, every step you take could largely influence the course of your insurance claim and the validity of your case. If you’ve suffered an injury on the road, it is highly recommended to consult a motorcycle crash lawyer to help you process adequate restitution.

Are motorcycle accidents common in Garden City?

New York is a melting point of different cultures and a bustling center in different aspects. According to general data, the number of motorbike riders has steadily increased. As formerly mentioned, it is not uncommon to see bikers on the road at any time, especially with favorable riding weather.

Roads in the city have a long way to go to accommodate motorcyclists. Additionally, more training is required for all users to learn how to create a conducive riding environment for motorbikes. Until this happens, biking accidents will remain a fairly common occurrence.

Steps to take after a motorcycle accident

As mentioned above, what you do after an accident is crucial to determining the success of your insurance claim. Here’s an exhaustive checklist of motorcycle accidents and what you should do if you’re ever involved in any road incident.

1.  Seek medical attention immediately

Motorcycle accidents can be fatal and result in serious damage, as bikers often bear the brunt in most of these accidents. It is vital to seek immediate medical services. Over time, you may end up seeing a number of medical professionals and specialists.

If the accident ends in litigation, you can also use information from medical professionals. A doctor’s report carries a lot of weight and can increase your insurance claim. The fees accrued while seeking medical services after the other party might cover a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycles are involved in thousands of accidents each year. Some accidents result in death, and others in fatal injuries to the rider and bike. Consulting a doctor is key as they check for immediate and long-term effects. Waiting or foregoing medical treatment can sometimes lead to grave consequences.

2.  Report the accident to the relevant authorities

After consulting a doctor, next on your list should be the relevant authorities. In Garden City, this means contacting the local police. You can reach them through their direct numbers and report the accident.

Several documented cases show some motor vehicles flee from the crime scene if they injure a motorist. Informing the authorities ensures the liable party is held accountable by the law. The cops will most likely have follow-up questions regarding the incident.

In addition to calling the authorities, you should gather as much evidence as possible. This will come in handy when the police are investigating the accident. You can take pictures, recordings, and videos to help make your case.

3.  Notify your insurance service provider

A key part of getting the maximum claim is intimating your insurance company as early as possible. Ideally, you’re advised not to agree with the other party before contacting your insurance company. Timely contact with your insurance company can also help boost your claim.

4. Contact a Garden City motorcycle lawyer

Many motorcycle accident victims often wonder if they need a lawyer to pursue the case. At the very least, you should consult with a lawyer about your case. A motorcycle attorney will help you legally analyze whether you have a tangible case. Legal representatives also give you a detailed breakdown of how to get a good claim.

5.  Keep all the documents

In a litigious case, you’ll need any documents related to the case. This can be used later to justify your claim. Doctors' bills, receipts, and downtime should all be documented and filed. All of these documents are key to proving your case. Remember that the more evidence you collect, the stronger your case becomes. Some of the strongest evidence can be video from helmet cams, which become irrefutable by the other party.