Buying a used premium motorcycle can be a great way to get a high-quality bike for less money compared to buying a new one. Used premium motorcycles hold their value well and often have low miles and plenty of life left in them. For motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a bike with excellent performance, comfort, and prestige without the high sticker price, purchasing a used premium motorcycle is an excellent option to consider.

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Purchasing a used premium motorcycle comes with numerous benefits that make it an appealing choice for many riders. Below are 7 key advantages of going the used route when adding a top-tier motorcycle to your stable.

1. Save Big On The Purchase Price

One of the biggest perks of buying a used premium motorcycle is the significant savings on the purchase price compared to a brand-new model. Premium motorcycles often retail for $15,000 or more when purchased new from a dealership. Opting for a gently used version just a few years old can slash 40% or more off the price.

While the model year will be older, well-maintained used premium motorcycles still provide exceptional performance and technology. The huge discount makes these lightly used bikes an excellent value purchase. Taking the time to check out used inventory at local dealers such as a used motorcycle dealer near Denver can help you score the perfect bike at a fraction of the new cost.

2. Get More Motorcycles For Your Money

In addition to saving money upfront, purchasing a used premium motorcycle allows you to get a higher-spec bike for your budget. Rather than settling for a lower-tier new model, you can shop for a used premium motorcycle with more power, better components, and extra features.

For example, for the price of a basic new cruiser, you could potentially find a used premium touring bike with more displacement, technology, and comfort. Opting used means you don’t have to compromise to fit your budget.

3. Enjoy Proven Reliability

Premium motorcycles are engineered for optimal durability, longevity, and ride quality. When properly maintained, these bikes can easily rack up 100,000+ miles while still performing beautifully. Choosing a used premium motorcycle means you can enjoy a bike with proven reliable performance.

As long as previous owners took good care of it, your used premium motorcycle should provide years of dependable riding. Test drives and vehicle history reports help to verify maintenance and condition.

4. Get A Wider Selection Of Models

Buying a used motorcycle opens up many more options when shopping for a premium motorcycle. Local dealers may only stock a few new models and configurations. By considering used bikes, you can find a much broader range of premium makes, models, colors, options, and specs.

The enlarged selection means you can take your time to find just the right used premium bike for your needs and preferences. Be sure to check used motorcycle dealers near Denver to maximize your choices.

5. Lower Registration/Insurance Costs

Insuring and registering a used motorcycle is typically less expensive compared to a new bike. Since used motorcycles have depreciated value, you save money on taxes, title fees, and insurance premiums. Depending on the bike’s age, you could save several hundred dollars per year.

Over time, the ongoing savings from lower fees and insurance really add up. By choosing used, you get to put more cash toward accessories, gear, and trips.

6. Skip Expensive Dealer Fees

When purchasing from a motorcycle dealership, there are often many extra fees tacked on top of the sticker price. This includes prep fees, documentation fees, assembly fees, destination charges, and more. By opting for a used motorcycle instead, you can avoid most or all of these expensive dealership fees.

Private-party used bike sales eliminate fees altogether. Even when buying from a used dealership, the extra costs are minimal compared to a new model. Skipping the fees translates to instant savings.

7. Better Customization Options

Since used premium motorcycles have usually already taken their biggest depreciation hit, customizing or modifying one does not affect the resale value as negatively as customizing a brand-new bike. Things like aftermarket exhaust, upgraded LED lighting, partner seats, and more can be added without worries of drastically impacting value.

This makes a used premium bike a great platform for customization. You can accessorize it to fit your style and needs without guilt or financial penalty.