Motorists carry out vehicle upgrades for a number of reasons. Perhaps they are seeking better performance from their cars. Others may be looking for more efficiency and fewer trips to the gas station for refueling.

In many cases, modifications are purely cosmetic. Upgrades can be carried out to all parts of your vehicle, and they needn’t bust your budget. Here are 10 ways in which you can change the appearance or the performance of your car.

Phone Mount

This is an inexpensive modification that addresses both convenience and safety. Many of us rely on our phones for navigation these days, and it helps to have visuals as well as sound.

If your phone is placed next to you on the front seat, you have to keep glancing down as you seek out the road ahead. For just a few bucks, that phone can be mounted on the dashboard for enhanced safety.

Upgrade your Tires

A tire upgrade can help your vehicle in many different ways. New tires will enhance safety and fuel economy, but they will also boost the car’s overall performance. For optimum improvement, it’s best to choose a higher-level product such as the Toyo tire model.

Adding a striking wheel design will make the car stand out cosmetically, while the tire upgrade boosts safety and performance in equal measures.

Steering Wheel Cover

This is one the easiest ways to upgrade your vehicle and it’s one of the cheapest too. For a cost of around $5.00, there is a whole host of steering wheel covers to choose from.

A cover can really personalize your vehicle and make it stand out on a crowded highway.

Software Upgrades

Most modern cars now come with an onboard computer, but they may not be as comprehensive as you think. Manufacturers can have a tendency to bypass certain aspects because they feel that some motorists may ignore basic warnings.

Most garages will offer remaps of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and these are targeted at serious motorists who will want to be made aware of all issues such as the use of substandard fuel. A significant percentage increase in torque and power could be the reward. 

Brake Pads

Another key safety element, a brake pad can be upgraded for a small outlay. Most cars have standard brakes, and these will need to be replaced at regular intervals. 

It may also be worth upgrading to track brakes which can provide better performance.

Interior Led Lights

If you’re looking for something purely cosmetic, some bright LED lights may be the way to go. They will bring out the dazzle of your existing interior while providing contrast in key areas.

If anything is guaranteed to make your vehicle stand out, it’s LED lighting.


Many modifications can improve the performance of your car, but an upgraded exhaust system may have the biggest impact of all. The best option to look for is a gpf-back or CAT system.

These can replace your catalytic converter and, while that performance is enhanced, it’s also more likely that your exhaust will never need to be replaced again.

Video Screens

Going on a long journey with a young family? The best way to keep them entertained is by installing a video screen in the rear headrests.

It’s a great distraction and a perfect way to minimize the eternal question - are we there yet?

Anti Roll Bars

Many heavy-duty vehicles such as ATVs now have anti roll bars fitted as standard. They are effective on hard cornering meaning that you can travel around bends faster and more safely.

When roll bars are absent, they can be fitted for around $100.

Car Wraps

A vinyl wrap may be an extreme measure, but it is more cost effective than having a complete respray.

Costs will vary depending on your requirements, but the vinyl wrap is a cheaper option that can produce stunning results.