It's not going to be a surprise anymore if Beauties reach the point when they can't tolerate Hyunseung attitude in the future.

Many instances have shown Hyunseung being sluggish and slacking during Beast activities. Fans have already expressed that they need an explanation from Hyunseung, but the situation is getting worse instead. Fans have started posting photos and clips which evidently show Hyunseung neglecting the group's activities such as using his phone during their V-live performance while the rest are performing. Others include him dancing lazily behind the members during a fanmeet or straight up slacking and more.

While it's pretty much an issue among only fans before, it has now reached the media and netizens are also reacting to the issue. Majority expresses that Hyunseung should just leave the group before the fans become his antis while fans reveal that they tried to tolerate his attitude before but most of them have reached their limit and wanting explanation. 

Fans express that they are deeply hurt with Hyunseung's attitude and demands an explanation. So far, Hyunseung or his agency Cube hasn't responded to the issue.