You gotta like it or hate it but Fiestar Jei is doing a lesbian web drama currently airing and videos of her kissing a girl intimately is creating a buzz.

South Korean television is really taking the risks of producing dramas with homosexual themes and "Lily Fever" is creating a buzz with its explicit lesbian theme. Not only this contains intimate kissing scenes between girls but a K-pop idol is one of the main cast.

In one of the episode's teaser, Fiestar's Jei appears kissing her partner. The web drama portrays various little short stories of pairs of girls which usually starts in a very casual and innocent manner then escalates to intimate scenes. The drama has aired three episodes and Jei's episode hasn't aired yet.

Some may find this disturbing but it also shows a perspective of  how Korean society and culture is transforming. So watch below with your own discretion.