Nichkhun of 2PM has received the glorious grand prize from the ‘Kerd Awards’ in Thailand.
Kerd Awards is the award hosted by Thailand’s famous entertainer and the talk show host ‘Woody’.

Last March 30th, among many press crowds and Thai celebrities attended, the Kerd Awards, which was hosted at the Crystal Design Center, has had the most influential nominees to receive prizes from each of the 7 field including music and comedy, etc., (Born to grasp the main scene, Born to be famous, Born to be a comedian, Born to be pop, Born to be giver, Born to be together, Born to be hot) and Nichkhun has received the grand prize gloriously as the most influential person in Thailand.

According to the local representative, he has shown his surprises to see “the popular celebrities gathered together in one place as it is the rare occasion to happen.” Further, as to support Nichkhun, the whole family including his grandmother, mother, aunt, etc. has come and made out such a sweet scene for people to watch.

Nichkhun has said that “it is glorious enough to be a nominee, but can’t believe the fact that the grand prize was awarded. It’s just like a dream.” He continued on by saying that he would put his effort even more for the future and perform shamelessly to everyone. Also he thanked everyone for loving him and supporting him from the bottom of his heart.

Meanwhile, 2PM is facing the Budokan 6 Days concert at the end of May.

Source: JYP's Facebook