Until recently, the biggest criteria before renting an apartment anywhere in Bangalore had been, close proximity to the office. These days, there are more and more people who are willing to travel kilometers to reach their office. They are not only willing to travel more but are also buying homes of their own. What made them change their minds?  

Blame it all on the cost of living in the city. Bangalore may be the Garden City of India, but for the residents here, the city has started growing more and more thorns that have started to sting. This painful situation has forced many, including me, to find new homes that too in the suburban areas where it is more affordable.  

The happening places 
While it was Indira Nagar, Koramangala, and M.G. Road that were considered the ‘city’ in the yesteryears, it is Whitefield and Sarjapur that have made their marks. Whitefield does have a few villa projects here and there but Sarjapur is taking the price when it comes to villas in Bangalore. These days, it is here where you can find many affordable as well as luxurious by leading real estate companies.  

On the other hand, North Bangalore is another happening place where it is slowly becoming the favorite place for more and more residential properties. The best news is that one gets several options when it comes to the choice of property. There are all kinds of villas in North Bangalore that are suitable for every level of the home buyers. Most of the projects come with all the essential amenities. There also are several school options nearby.   

The game-changer 
If you notice, people are moving away from the center of the city. At the moment people are keener on buying a land property rather than apartments that are mostly in the air space. Instead of choosing which floor they want their home in, people are looking forward to having their own small piece of land where they can set up a small garden and more greenery.   

As mentioned, the rental value is a major factor that pushed many into this idea. People are finding it easier to pay the EMI rather than paying high rent. As a reward, they get some pollution-free environment (for the time being), and peace of mind. Is that all? No, there is also a slight downside. Many are traveling long hours in the city traffic to enjoy this small piece of cake.   

Recently, there was a hoarding of a popular builder which said the customers may avail a cab on request to reach their suburban property to have a look at it. I am sure many of you would be more than willing to take up on that opportunity. No matter which part of the city’s suburb they are in, many Bangaloreans have now developed a sense of hope of having some time away from the hustle-bustle of this wonderful city.