You can double your living space by converting your patio or veranda to an area that can be used more often during the year. You can easily extend the time you could spend enjoying your outdoor spaces by adding a few crucial elements.  

The more comfortable and welcoming your space is, the more likely it is to be used. Install French doors to open directly from the living room to the outdoors for the most seamless transition. Also, consider how your outdoor living area will relate to your interior spaces. Beware of awkward traffic patterns, and visually connect the two spaces with colour.

Adding comfortable furniture, a way to block the wind, and an element like fire or water are the best ways to make your space inviting.

Include lots of seating options

For the most flexible outdoor living, you’ll need a multitude of seating options. Include couches, benches, chairs, and stools to give your guests a way to move around and engage at a backyard party or barbecue. Create areas with purpose by combining several seats into a conversation pit, or create a reading nook or hammock for solitary time. If you are even a beginner woodworker, there are many easy projects online sources you can craft. Make the seating areas flexible but not so cluttered that you can’t discern clear traffic patterns. 

Outdoor furniture is best when it can perform double duty. Ottomans can serve as extra seating, small stools can hold plants or people, and benches may have storage underneath. Fabrics should be attractive, but also UV resistant and quick-drying.

Lightly weatherproof the area

If your indoor and outdoor living areas are connected, you may want privacy from nearby neighbours. Strategically shield the view with container plants, curtains, or outdoor blinds. This will give the space an enclosed feeling and can make it seem smaller, but if it extends the amount of time you can be outside, it will be well worth it. Having extra protection from the harsh Australian elements allows you to add more comfortable items typically made for indoor use.   

Durable, clear PVC blinds are the most modern way to withstand the Australian weather and block wind, rain, and glare while allowing you to enjoy the natural light and mild temperatures outdoors. You can enjoy al fresco dining all year round regardless of the weather — invite family and friends for a barbecue or celebrate the first day of winter. Get more days outside without having to endure the harsh elements, and extend your outdoor living experience. The unobstructed view and innovative materials of Westral Café Blinds offer the best possible solution for adding extra living space.

Build a fire

A fireplace is a traditional focal point in many rooms, so it’s an obvious choice to build an outdoor room around one. It gives the eye a place to land and the movement and colors of the fire add interest and depth. The warmth of a burning fire creates a space to curl up with a good book or draws the crowd around to stay warm. If you can’t afford to install a fireplace, you can add a smaller, portable fire pit, or add a tabletop fire element. If you can’t incorporate real fire due to building or homeowner restrictions, you can still mimic the idea with candles, lanterns, or colourful lighting.

Outdoor living and entertaining

Define your outdoor space with clear boundaries and connect it to the inside living area with colour. Include lots of flexible seating options in mixed clusters or conversation areas. Most importantly, extend your daily living outdoors by protecting the area from the elements and secure the space with a solid focal point.