Shipping container home living is a new trend whose popularity is rising at an exponential rate across the world. Shipping container homes are extra-tough units that are low cost, fast to build, and eco-friendly in nature. One can use either brand new or used cargo containers to craft these pretty cool homes.


There is room for positioning and customizing the layout of these containers to achieve any style of home or office that best suits your needs. One of the benefits of building with shipping containers is their portability and flexibility, so it is pretty easy to build such homes in the remotest of locations. Take a look at these 5 incredible shipping container homes and get inspired to craft your own ingenious design.

1. Redwoods Shipping Container Cabin in Santa Cruz Mountain 

Connie Dewitt and Kam Kasravi originally intended to build a traditional prefab home on their small parcel of land in the Santa Cruz Mountain. But then, a traditional prefab home wouldn’t fit in that plot of land because of the narrow lanes that led to it. They figured out that shipping containers are only eight feet wide, which means they could fit down the narrow lanes with ease. 

 Kam and Connie stacked the containers in just less than eight hours (how fast!). They then used spray foam insulation throughout the home to make the rooms as wide as possible. In their bid to showcase the industrial gaze of the containers, they opted to leave the floors and ceiling bare. 

2. Kalkin’s Shipping Container Homes 

This beautiful creation defies pretty much everything you thought you knew about shipping container houses. This container home was designed and built by New Jersey architect Adam Kalkin. It is built out of recycled shipping containers and offers unmatched durability. 

This huge house is structured on diverse levels to achieve what has been christened “a house within a house”. That is because inside the colossal building, there are smaller individual components that reflect a traditional house. 

Massive sliding glass doors along with house-like structures erected inside appear to be combining the indoors with the outdoors. The overall house shows off some unique aesthetics. It contains such amenities as the bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, and much more.  

3. The Miller’s Magnificent Graceville 

This incredible shipping container home is ideal for those of us who believe that big is beautiful. It is a magnificent illustration of a lovely dream home that suits whoever feels that small and simple cannot suffice. This lovely shipping container house was built using 31 containers.

It features four baths, four bedrooms, a gym, and a studio. The ground floor highlights 10 containers and the rest are laid on top in a striking layout to give the home a superb finish. By all means, you should opt for and live in such a dream home if that is what defines you. 

4. Maison Container By Patrick Partouche 

This is a more complex shipping container project designed in 2010 by French architect Patrick Partouche. It mimics a traditional house albeit it is fully built out of cargo containers. This contemporary house boasts close to 2,240 square feet and costs approximately 221,000 Euros to complete. 

The house comprises multiple cargo containers cut into different sections to achieve an enormous interior with spacious living and dining areas. The interior space also fits sizeable doors and windows. Thanks to modern furniture and appliances, the entire house looks spacious. 

Amazing living solutions are implemented on the upper floor through the use of metallic stairways and bridges. Each metallic corner or junction receives plenty of natural light that shines to articulate the industrial theme of the house. Most importantly, the owner can enjoy full privacy since the container’s door is intact. 

5. Week House From Shipping Containers 


The Week House From Shipping Containers ideally fits the description of a mini house solution that offers the essential condition for living. It is a stylish temporary solution for anyone who plans to invest a considerable amount of money in their dream home. 

This container house features pink-dotted façade, which not only illustrates the versatility but also the opportunity to express yourself so people can realize your true spirit. There is an adjustable staircase that provides access to the upper floor. Moreover, there is room for furnishing the interior to make it a bit more stylish.