Spare guest rooms are both a blessing and a curse. Blessing as they allow you to host your friends and family members and a curse in the sense that you have to figure out how to decorate them appropriately.
Not an easy task when you come to consider the fact that you might be tempted to convert them into a home gym, some storage space or just end up NOT using them at all.
No need to over-think it though -- your guest bedroom only needs to be simple, functional, and comfortable according to Form Creations. With that said, here are some primers on how to achieve all that while making your guest bedroom feel finished even when operating in a tiny space.
One caveat though -- your guests may be reluctant to leave.
Get a Night Stand
Whether your guest bedroom is big or small, it’s important that you pay attention to the nightstand you set up together with all of its essential. Starting with adding a source of light and a catchall for throwing your keys or jewelry. The point is you want to make sure everything looks great against each other.
Some extra touches like adding a book, a water carafe or a scented candle can also come in handy in enhancing the overall look of the room. But what’s more important is to make sure that all the essentials are there.
Create Some Storage Space
Your guests could use some storage space. This is important considering some of them would want to unpack their items and store them safely. So start by emptying your drawer dressers and wardrobes. 

Where possible, consider adding a folding luggage rack that makes it easier for your guests to unpack some of their items and store them with easy.
You might also want to provide a tray that’s filled with body wash, toothpaste and some snacks to keep your guests busy while they’re in the room.
The whole point is to make the room as comfortable as their own place. You want them to enjoy their stay in the room and only leave when they want to and NOT because they’re bored or are looking for something to grab.
Give your Guest Some Room to Play Double Duty
Some of your guests may want to play double duty. It’s therefore important that you try to create a guest environment that enables it. First consider making the space multipurpose. 

You can do this by adding a deck and shoe storage. A day bed can still double as a single bed just in case you do NOT have enough space for it. Also important is for you to ensure that your window treatments is set to reflect specific needs of the bedroom. 

For instance, you can hang blackout curtains that are layered over with light-filtering shades for the much needed privacy and darkness, and can as well allow light to get in should the guests feel the need for it.
Finishing Touches
Also, consider adding the finishing touches for creating a positive experience with your guests. For example, you could add a quality fresh bedding with some flowers and a plant. This will ensure that your guests get even more comfortable, in addition to adding some little flair to the room.
Tick all the Essentials
There’s a list of things that together add to the overall comfort of your guests. These are the extra touches that try to make the guest bedroom more comfortable. For instance, you could place a soft rug near their bed for them to step on when they wake up in the morning.
Your guests might also need a shower with a mirror to check their hair or do their makeup before leaving the shower room. If possible, get a full-length mirror. But where resources don’t allow, a wall-hung mirror is enough to make your guests sort out a few facial features or hair before leaving the room.
Statement Pendant
If the space of the room appears limited, one trick you could do to create an illusion of a more spacious room is to consider installing an over-sized light fixture such as the beaded pendant. You might also want to look into the possibility of using a wall mounted table where applicable.
Other things to Consider:
- A power outlet that your guest could use to charge their phones or power their laptops and other accessories.
- A water bottle with two or three water glasses
- A bedside table and some reading light
- a bed cover and some pillows for setting up a comfortable ambiance for your guests.
- A towel and some toiletries will also be strongly appreciated.