While many people shunned the very idea of investing in cryptocurrency in the past, society’s attitude towards virtual currencies has greatly changed in recent times after people slowly realized their benefits. An important example of just one benefit is that due to their decentralized nature, they allow people to trade across borders which fiat currencies do not generally allow as easily. If you would like to enjoy such benefits, you need to know how to buy cryptocurrency with cash. The good news is that there are several ways you can use to buy digital currencies.

Advantages of buying cryptocurrency with cash

Here are some of the benefits of buying crypto with cash:


It is pretty quick to buy cryptocurrency with cash because there are no delays due to bank transfers or other processing issues.


If you want to buy digital currencies without any government or other authority knowing about it, you should consider buying with cash, especially from individuals you know, or have connected with through peer-to-peer platforms. If you can avoid giving out too many personal details that can make your dealings almost anonymous and it can help to track your assets.


Paying cash for your cryptocurrency can be more secure than using other methods. There are no risks of identity theft or other online criminal threats. Also, you get your key or you are in charge of your private key so you have full ownership and control over your digital assets.

Lower charges

You can save on some of the transaction fees, for example, any bank transfer charges when you buy with cash.

Buying cryptocurrency with cash using an exchange

If you're looking for how to buy cryptocurrency with cash, one of the best ways is by using a crypto exchange. So, what is a crypto exchange? This is a market that allows people to trade digital currencies. This may be done online or offline. The exchange acts as an intermediary between the crypto buyers and sellers and earns its income from transaction fees and commissions.
You can buy cryptocurrencies with cash from exchanges that operate physical offices. For example, if you're in Turkey, you can visit NaktiCoins’ offices and buy Bitcoin and other cryptos in a safe and secure environment.

The advantages of using exchanges that have offices where traders can buy and sell coins include speedy transactions, user-friendliness because there is no need for traders to use complex systems, great safety, and security, and they have excellent customer service.

Steps to follow when buying crypto with online crypto exchanges

When buying crypto with cash through an exchange, follow the steps below:
·   Choose a suitable crypto exchange—one that meets various criteria and accepts cash deposits or cash transfers as means to pay for digital assets
·   Open an account and this entails providing your details like name, phone number, and email address.
·   Validate your identity by providing a government-issued document as proof of ID such as a driver's license, etc.
·   Fund your account by doing a bank transfer or using a third-party money processing platform. Some exchanges may allow you to visit a physical office and deposit cash.
·   Place your order which involves choosing the digital coin you want, and the amount you want to buy.
·   Confirm the transaction by inputting your PIN or following the 2-factor authentication process.
·   Withdraw the cryptocurrencies into your wallet, by providing your crypto wallet address and the number of cryptocurrencies you want to withdraw.


If you have been looking for how to buy cryptocurrency with cash, you can use a physical or online crypto exchange. This method is secure, quick, and user-friendly. It is vital to choose a reputable exchange and you will have an easy time buying your coins.