Big plump lips are all the rage right now be it on social media or the offline world. Seeing a rise in this trend, you might be quick to jump on the bandwagon. But hold on! Don’t act too soon because lip enhancement is a treatment you need to give a good thought to. 

When carried with good care and concern, the process of Lip Enhancement can be quite magical. Besides the fact that they improve your facial look, they will raise your self-worth and self-confidence as well.

Read the contraindications of lip plumping and ways to avert them also is better to get started down the safe and successful pathway. Here is a guide to help you learn everything you should know before you schedule a lip filler appointment with a professional.

Common Pitfalls When Getting Lip Enhancement

Pitfalls during lip enhancement are extremely rare and you should not even be stressing much about it. However, it does not mean that you should refrain from gaining awareness of the common pitfalls when getting lip enhancement. 

Listed below are some of the issues, although rare, that can occur after lip enhancement. Thankfully, they can be resolved easily.

1. Allergic Reactions: 

Allergic reactions to lip enhancement are a very rare occurrence. Nonetheless, having awareness of it is necessary to increase safety. These reactions may include redness, swelling, or itching in the area where the filler has been injected. 

Alongside these general manifestations, manifestations can also develop in the form of welts, blisters, hives, and raised bumps. 

It is absolutely crucial, particularly in the case of you having allergic reactions to anything, to share these allergies with your primary care provider before the treatment. 

Swelling and itching are normal side effects of this treatment, however, too much swelling and itching could be an indication of an allergic reaction.

2. Lip Filler Displacement: 

In rare cases, the lip filler might migrate or get displaced from the intended area of injection. This can cause the lips to appear like they’ve lost their shape. The lips might appear as bulging on the vermillion border or above the lips causing an unnatural roll or prominent shelf. 

This can be caused by improper depth of the injection and excessive lip movement. Lip filler displacement relies on external factors due to which, choosing an established practitioner is highly recommended.

3. Uneven Results: 

After you get lip enhancement, your lips can swell a bit and it may even appear to be uneven for a short time. If you observe that the crooked details stay longer than a few weeks, it is time to check it.

In these circumstances, you should ask your doctor to resolve the problem as soon as possible in order to avoid further complications. Incorrect technique by the practitioner can lead to lopsided lips. 

You do not need to worry because the issue can be resolved instantly once you let your practitioner know about the same.

4. Overfilling: 

If an excessive amount of lip filler is placed on the treatment area in one session, it can increase the likelihood of lump formation in the lips. When the lips are overfilled, it can give birth to other issues such as filler migration. 

The consequently results in the phenomenon of what has come to be popularly termed as the trout pout or the duck lips. You do not need to stress much about overfilling the lips because an experienced professional will know about the right amount of filler administration. 

5. Formation of Lumps: 

Lumps and nodules might find a cozy space under the skin of your lips when fillers clump together after they are poorly injected. This complication caused by your body’s reaction to the materials in the filler can be unsightly. 

They are small and palpable bumps that occur after the ingredients in the lip filler fail to interact well with your skin tissue. This is why communicating your pre-existing medical conditions and allergies to your professional if any is necessary.

How can lip fillers go wrong?

Lip fillers can go wrong if the practitioner lacks proper training and experience. A failure to assess the patient’s facial anatomy accurately can also disrupt the results. Moreover, there may be times when low-quality products or improperly stored fillers are used on the lips. 

Most of all, it is highly essential for the patient to follow post-care instructions because a failure to do so can also prevent your desired outcomes. 

Tips To Ensure Safety for Lip Enhancement

To get the best and safest results from your lip enhancement, here are some tips you need to keep in mind. 

1. Choose a Reliable Professional: 

Before you schedule an appointment for lip enhancement, it is important to gain a good understanding of the practitioner you are choosing. 

Research their years of experience, credentials, and reputation to ensure they are reliable. A certified professional possessing in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy is highly recommended.

2. Communicate Your Concerns Clearly: 

You might choose the best practitioner in the town but it is all pointless if you fail to communicate your concerns with clarity. You need to consult your professional about your medical background and your desired outcomes from the treatment with precision. 

This will enable the practitioner to tailor the perfect lip filler treatment for you that suits your preferences and resolves your needs. 

3. Start With Minimalist Fillers: 

If you are a novice to lip fillers, it is extremely important to start slow. You might want to witness drastic results immediately but starting our with minimal fillers in the beginning is imperative. 

This way you can understand if you have any allergic reactions to the fillers or not and be safe.  

4. Adhere to Post-Care Instructions: 

Much of the quality of your lip enhancement results will depend on how well you follow the post-care instructions. 

The professional will give you detailed information about the things you should incorporate and things you should avoid after getting the fillers. Ensure to stick to the advice and medication given by your professional for optimal results.

Final Thoughts

Mistakes in lip fillers are extremely rare and most of the results you might have heard of turn out to be highly successful results. Make sure you do proper research on your part and choose a reliable professional who can guarantee you a safe and successful lip enhancement treatment.