Being a brand ambassador for Dolce & Gabbana is a status symbol among those who love fashion. This designer brand announced its newest choice for this position in November 2023.

The honor went to rising star Moon Ga-young. The pairing of the Italian fashion house and the South Korean actress is a campaign dripping with sophistication and youth.

Dolce & Gabbana Made the Perfect Choice

Born in 1996 in Germany to South Korean parents, Moon Ga-young didn't come to South Korea until 2006. At that time, she quickly jumped into her acting career. She landed her first leading role at the age of 14.

Her career took off in 2018 when she began getting parts in more mainstream films and television series. She became a household name in the nation in 2020 when she landed her role in the South Korean drama True Beauty.

Moon Ga-young is like a goddess. She is simply stunning and alluring. Her sophisticated style and charming demeanor only add to her overall beauty. With a thin and willowy silhouette and amazing acting skills, she has South Korea in a chokehold.

She's also quickly gaining recognition as a global fashion influencer. She came out as a real head-turner with an appearance at the Dolce & Gabbana event during Milan Fashion Week in September 2023.

She was breathtaking in three very unique outfits. One was all-white with shorts and a bra top under a mesh drape. It showed off her fun and youthful side while also giving a glimpse into her ability to be a bit edgy.

Another look was from the brand's ready-to-wear line and featured a sleek bodycon dress in dark red satin with matching gloves. She was dripping in elegance in that number.

Her last look was a black tuxedo dress with a matching fur shrug. It was full-on celebrity glamour.

The Actress Expresses Her Gratefulness for the Appointment

When Dolce & Gabanna announced Moon Ga-young as the newest brand ambassador, it released a few pictures to commemorate the event. The three fashion shots highlight how well the actress wears the fashions.

In one of the shots, she is crouched down in black hosiery stamped with the Dolce & Gabbana monogram under short black shorts and a stunning tweed jacket in pink. It is a fun yet classic outfit showcasing her energy and the brand's commitment to putting modern twists on simple styles.

The other images are close-ups of her, one is a bold floral print top that shows off the brand's love for color. The other is Moon Ga-young in a white button-up blouse with black lace accents. It is simple yet refined, which is a true representation of both the brand and the actress.

In a statement about the appointment, Moon Ga-young said she was excited about this new venture and looked forward to what is to come in her role as ambassador for such a respected fashion house.