Sobriety can be a difficult process for anyone, and going through it can really make or break people. However, there are lots of ways you can improve your chances of remaining sober, whether it be going through addiction treatment, joining support groups or changing your lifestyle completely.

The likes of alcohol and drug addiction are becoming all too common in society these days, and for people seeking treatment and entering recovery, their diet is vitally important. So, the question is, can going vegan help with it?

Well, the answer is yes. And for a number of reasons too…

It provides a nutrient-rich diet

First and foremost, plant-based foods are rich in essential nutrients, many of which can help reduce cravings as well as support the body's health. Things like whole grains, fruit, legumes and nuts can really help with restoring the body’s health through the antioxidents, vitamins and minerals they carry. This can speed up things like improving liver health and so forth, regaining vitality at a much quicker rate.

You’ll be more mindful in your approach to food

Veganism will often encourage a more mindful approach to food. It tends to make you much more aware of ingredients within your food, as well as promoting a deeper meaning and connection with what you eat. That has a knock on effect to people’s approach and awareness around their recovery too though, being much more mindful of health as a whole and what harm they were previously causing their bodies.

It’ll improve digestion and reduce inflammation

Essentially, a plant based diet will also make you feel better, primarily through improving digestion, which can often be severely damaged by years of alcohol or drug abuse. As plant-based diets are fibre rich, it’ll support your digestive health while also reducing inflammation, which can often be caused by things like red meat and processed foods.

Your mental health will improve

Finally, your mental health will improve, and that’s so vital when it comes to remaining sober. Medical professionals will recommend the likes of yoga and mindfulness exercises to improve mental health, but a vegan diet can also complement that further. 

Plant-based diets will increase energy levels, enhance mood and improve cognitive function, providing you with the mental clarity to really tackle your sobriety head on and get you through some of the more difficult phases of recovery. 

While it’s not vital to go vegan, and it may not work for everyone, a plant-based diet could well be just what you need for that added boost to your new found sober lifestyle.