As Sony's Madame Web film is shooting, Emma Roberts will play Mary Parker, who fans know to be Peter Parker's mother. In the comic books, Mary is a CIA agent alongside her husband, Richard, but her story is limited. However, the comics end Mary and Peter's story when they are killed by the Finisher, an agent part of the Community Algerian-based spy ring called the Red Skull. Mary's short screen life was visited in The Amazing Spider-Man, so fans hope her story provides more in-depth detail into her life.

Although Roberts can't speak too much about Mary's character yet, she said on the Shut Up Evan podcast that she is not playing a superhero. Many fans think Spider-Man's mom has supernatural powers, which would make her an asset to the CIA, but she confirmed that is not the case. Mary doesn't have the same radioactive spider serum as her son, but she is well-trained by the CIA.

Before shooting, Roberts commented that she was walking around her house one day and then suddenly received a phone call that they wanted her in a Marvel movie. She immediately wondered if she had to audition and what the next steps were, but then she talked to the director, and three weeks later, she was in Boston filming the movie. She further stated that Madame Web is a different take on the classic Marvel movie, so seeing the superheroes from this lens will be interesting.


In addition to Roberts, the film has an exceptional lineup, including Dakota Johnson as Madame Web/Julia Carpenter and Adam Scott playing Ben Parker. Other powerhouse cast members include Zosia Mamet, Mike Epps, Tahar Rahim, Celeste O'Conner, Isabela Merced, and Sydney Sweeney. The film is in post-production and scheduled to hit theaters on February 16th, 2024.

Emma Roberts’s Other Projects

Emma Roberts continues to add to her impressive acting repertories with the latest 2023 film release, Maybe I Do, which features a cast of A-list celebrities. Also, Roberts intends to continue with the highly successful American Horror Story franchise, of which she has been an integral part of the cast since 2013. In the latest installment, AHS: Delicate, Roberts plays a phenomenally successful and confident actress with fertility issues and a husband whose mind is constantly on his deceased wife.

Roberts is also set to star in Hot Mess, a new comedy film described as a fresh story with witty acting. The movie's premise is a woman finding her place in a social media-driven world with people who have outsized expectations. Her character recently imploded in the worst way on an American dating show and is destined to return to her hometown with the ultimate walk of shame. Upon return, she lives in her parent's basement with no friends, constantly running into her awful ex, who the entire town adores. This hilarious yet heartfelt journey sends the underlying message to the audience of self-love discovery so that a genuine connection with others can ensue.