When you’re a mum to a newborn baby, things can quickly get complicated. Some people are offended when you expose your breast to feed your baby in public. When you use a formula feed for your child, they claim you should use natural milk instead. Don’t take notice of them, but choose what works best for you. Baby formula is perfectly safe and nutritious for your baby.

Here are 16 reasons to use Alula baby formula to feed your baby:

1. Nutrition

Baby formula follows strict guidelines which make its components as similar to that of a mother’s mature breast milk. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals that are crucial for the growth and development of your infant. Formula feed babies are healthy. Homemade formulas lack the essential needs for your baby.

Buy your formula feeding equipment, namely bottles and teats.  Also, carry out due diligence on how to clean and sterilise your equipment.  

2. Easy Schedule

Your baby will not digest formula as fast as breast milk, and doesn’t feed as often. You can resume work without worrying about feeding your baby throughout the day. A formula fed baby frees up your time for errands or even travel. 

3. Convenience 

Anyone can formula feed a baby whenever the need arises. Breastfeeding requires a significant commitment. A breastfeeding mum is “on call” for the baby every 2 to 3 hours. Baby formula has easy to follow instructions on how to store and transport the feed, or warm it. 

4. Inclusive

Your partner can participate in feeding the baby at night. Babies are used to night time feeds. Your partner will also have an opportunity with the bonding experience for your child. Family members, siblings and even friends can bond with your baby during feeding time. This will allow you to take a well-earned rest. 

5. Flexible 

You don’t need to use a pump, so this will not affect your daily routine. You prepare the formula and leave the feed with your babysitter or day care center.

6. Peace of mind

You don’t need to analyse what you eat. Sometimes breastfeeding mums need to watch what they eat because their babies can’t tolerate certain foods. On the other hand, the mother maybe allergic to some foods which the baby needs for growth, development and immunity. 

7. Diet 

If your baby was born premature or had a low birth weight, formula feeding provides the crucial nutrients and calories.

8. Comfort for your baby

If your baby struggles to adopt breastfeeding, formula is the best substitute for your mature milk.

9. Low milk

If you have a low milk supply baby formula is the ideal supplement. If you are stressed because of a low supply of breast milk, it will interrupt the flow. Perhaps the low milk supply is due to maternal issues, postpartum hemorrhage or a retained placenta. Or maybe you don’t get enough sleep because of the adjustment. 

10. Baby health issues

For example, your baby has low blood sugar or jaundice. Experts in this area suggest that a baby with this condition needs extra hydration. Formula feeds are excellent for weight gain. Again, you’ll not feel rushed for the need to increase your milk supply. It takes the pressure off you, and instead you can wait patiently for your milk supply.

11. Lifestyle choices

You don’t need to stop taking your medication, or restrict caffeine and alcohol intake. When breastfeeding your baby, such substances can pass onto the baby through your milk.

12. Personal well-being

Your needs matter. If you feel exhausted both mentally and physically, it is perfectly okay to formula feed your baby. You need to take care of yourself as well as the baby, especially if you have twins. 

13. Medical conditions

Again, if you have a medical condition that may affect your baby, it’s best to formula feed. This you will help reduce the chances of transmission. Feeding your baby with baby formula reduces the risk of harm. 

14. Dispelling myths

You don’t have to believe in the myth that not breastfeeding denies a “special bond” with your baby. Feeding time, not the method, is an excellent opportunity to bond with your baby.  

15. Breastfeeding issues

You may have tried your level best to breastfeed.  But you suffer from sore, painful and cracked nipples. It’s uncomfortable for both mother and child, and there is also the risk of an infection.

16. Personal choices

Mum’s make the best choices and decisions for baby. If a formula feed works best for you, there is nothing wrong with using this. Formula feed again is the best alternative to your mature breast milk.


Formula-fed babies are healthy and get the required nutrients. You don’t need to put yourself through a guilt trip. You’re doing your best to feed, care for and love your baby. Therefore, your baby is perfectly safe with formula feed.