Your home should be a place that helps you feel calm and well-rested, where you can escape from things that make you feel stressed. But for many individuals, the home is one of their stressors. Turning your home into a sanctuary can boost your mental health and promote wellness.

Consider Bigger Changes

Sometimes, you might find you need to make a larger change to make your home more of a sanctuary. Consider the impact of a renovation or remodel, especially one that makes the space feel bigger and less crowded. If you are stressed about mobility issues in your home, you might consider adding a home lift. There are many amazing home lifts that can help you make the most of your space.

Make the Atmosphere More Relaxing

You can bring calmness into your home through the décor you choose. You could add candles, put up relaxing artwork, or bring the outdoors in. Adding running water, like an indoor fountain, can push other sounds to the background. Relaxing music or sound effects from nature can also help you feel calm. Scents play a huge role in how you are feeling as well. Purchasing an essential oil diffuser can help you fill your home with relaxing scents. Lavender is used by many people to feel calmer, but chamomile is another one to consider.

Bring in More of the Outdoors

You might be surprised at how much nature can impact your mood, and bringing some into your home can make it more of a sanctuary. Plants can help clean the air and help you feel more relaxed. Even if you don’t think you are good at caring for them, you can still find succulents, which are low maintenance. If you do enjoy growing things, you could try growing some herbs inside, so you have fresh ones to add to meals. 

Consider adding more natural lighting and using less artificial light. Natural light can regulate your body’s natural cycles and give your mood a boost. Consider opening the blinds and curtains where you can, to allow light to enter. If this does not brighten up the space enough, you can also hang mirrors to bounce the light around the room. If privacy with open blinds is a concern, consider installing a skylight to allow more light to enter. It will also allow you to look up at the clouds, making it feel more like you are outdoors.

Reduce Clutter

Clutter on the floors, on furniture, in storage areas, and in closets can make your home feel less like a sanctuary. When your home is organized, you will feel more relaxed. Set aside time each day to quickly tidy up. You might set a timer for five minutes and put away as much as possible during that time. You can also set aside a dedicated time each week to do a more thorough cleaning, which will provide a reset each week. Consider having a professional come in every now and then if you can’t stay on top of things yourself.