A lid is not only a gorgeous addition to your UTE, but it is actually a functional accessory that is meant to keep your cargo absolutely secure and dry. There are different sorts of lids to protect your vehicle bed from exposure to the elements and protection against theft. Once you make up your mind, you can easily buy premium UTE hard lids with HSP Ute Lids to ensure that your vehicle is safe. Here, this post is going to unfold a few important things that you should know about. 

Roll Top
Well, roll top types are believed to have more all-season cover than any sort of soft tonneau. It is because it offers better weather resistance. It conveniently opens and closes allowing you complete access to the vehicle bed and versatility with your cargo and in case you need to haul a taller load, just keep it open. There are two basic sorts – the ones that have a clamp mechanism at the front as well as rear rail that locks into the side framework and the retractable bed cover that has a spring-loaded type of canister at the front and even a flush-mounted key lock at the hindmost. This is usually mostly made with segmented aluminium substrate having a vinyl skin.

Sport Lid 
These are single-piece types of lids that are hinged right at the front and open from the rear and possess gas struts on the sides. This is so imagining a giant boot-lid for your vehicle bed. These are most of the times formed up of fibreglass or ABS plastic. What it really lacks in load-carrying versatility, it more than makes up for in style and even protection. These may often be colour-matched to the UTE and are available in a diversity of styles – compatible with chrome or even black sports bars or with a top type of external rack. These are mostly fitted with a security lock that can get integrated with the central locking system of the UTE.

Fibre Reinforced Polymer Lid 
Well, a comparatively new product on the market. These kids are quite hard wearing, weatherproof and have a static type of load capacity of up to even 200kg, making them quite a popular choice. HSP Fibre Reinforced Polymer has features that you may not see on other lids. These encompass easy removal in just under a minute and the sky hook hinge that permits a sports bar to get mounted directly to the lid.  

Selecting a lid for your UTE is absolutely dependent on your needs. Do you require a part-time cover or a more permanent solution? What sort of load do you mostly carry? Lids can even impact UTE performance as they offer better wind resistance and even can potentially enhance your fuel mileage. A heavier lid may also boost ride quality for some vehicles.

So, since you have a fair idea about UTE Lids for your vehicle, you must make a sensible choice. After all, it is not just about the ascetics but durability and protection of your vehicle too.

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