Is the future here yet? Because we're still waiting on those awesome starships to take us to a galaxy far-faraway. But while we wait, check out this awesome collection featuring gorgeous concept art that will have you reaching for the stars.

A Federation ship by Turi Cacciatore

Dashing through the snow, by SSGlushakov

A diplomatic ship by zsolti65

Done by James Berkey, the creator of the original poster art for the Star Wars trilogy

A warship by Jason010

PL-SNTH8A by John McCoy

An escape into orbit by FriX1981

A small fighter by Damian Buzugbe

A spacecraft by wanbao

Landing by Maciej Rebisz

Forced landing by Markus Vogt

Mirage by Ridwan Chandra

Nemesis 2 – Cloudbreaker by Markus Vogt

Spaceship on a diplomatic mission, by Alex Wild

via io9