When it comes to Google Glass, we're mostly worried about how it will look on our faces, and how we would wear it on top of glasses.

Google says it's working on a way for people to add frames and lenses to Glass that match their prescription, though the feature won't be available for the device's first edition.

In the mean time, Will Turnage, a bespectacled VP of technology and invention at the agency R/GA, created this Google Glass hack.

"I tried wearing both frames at once (disaster) and I tried switching between Google Glass and my prescription glasses throughout the day. Neither option worked well. The benefits of Google Glass come from constant use over time. If I had to pull out Glass and put them on each time a card showed up on my Timeline, that experience would be no different than pulling out my cell phone."

Turnage used a strong, self-setting rubber called Sugru to attach a pair of magnets to his spectacles. Then he separated Glass' earpiece from the titanium frame and attached two magnets to that. The result is an easily affixable and detachable accessory for your glasses that happens to double as Google Glass.

Check it out: