Hard workers and smart alecs usually get ahead of everyone, but then again, some don't play fair. Once they find a way around some things, they bravely go about getting what they want at a cheaper price. Here are some hacks from Redditors who have successfully performed them. They're unethical, but it got these people what they wanted/needed. Please don't try this. You might get caught if you aren't good at it.

Via Reddit users:


"Whenever I go to a big chain movie theater, I get my tickets from those electronic kiosks they have at the front, and I buy the child's price tickets. They're way cheaper.

"I'm always prepared to say, "Oops, did I buy a kid's ticket by accident? Sorry!" if I ever get caught, but I've done this at least a dozen times and have never been called on it."


"Never tell vendors for your wedding that you're hiring them for a wedding. It's an event or reunion. Big price difference."


"Make an appointment for the DMV for two weeks from today online (or whenever its available).
Save the confirmation page as PDF or HTML or JPG. Modify the date to todays date and the time to right now with Photoshop or edit the HTML with a text editor or whatever you're most comfortable with.

"Walk into the DMV past all the sorry people waiting hours directly to the 'appointment line'. Get served in under 5 minutes.

"Done this multiple time, it works. Sometimes they say 'oh, you're not in the computer, weird. Doesn't matter - our system always screws up. Go ahead.'"


"When you are calling a utility/customer service number, and you need to speak to someone but receive an automated menu prompt, choose the Spanish option, then press "0".

"Multiple benefits here. More often than not, they do not hire reps that only speak Spanish - they will most likely be bilingual, and will handle overflow calls in English anyway. Second, Spanish speakers are less common in India, so the Spanish speaking call-centers are usually located in the US - so when you get the rep, you will not have to deal with language barriers often encountered with the Indian reps. In addition, the wait is usually not as long."


"If you're hungry and it's between 6am-8am you can get free continental breakfast from pretty much any hotel you walk into. It helps if it's busy."


"If someone is battling you for the arm rest on an airplane cough into that arm then put it back. I fly a lot and have yet to see this fail."


"A plastic coffee stir stick can fool any push in coin acceptor that loads the coins on edge. Just insert stir stick, push the mechanism forward until you feel the stick hit a bump, push the bump down with the stick and push the mech all the way in.

"I did my laundry for free all throughout school, and great for free pool at the bar."


"I always pick rock in rock paper scissors against my sister or in front of my sister. I end up doing dishes more, ect. but the odd time I really need something I pick scissors.

"She's always going on about how I'm sooo dumb for always picking rock but I know what's up."


"If you look like you know what you're doing, no one will bother you. To prove this in college, a friend and I walked into the student union holding a clipboard, walked straight over to a table, picked it up and walked out with it without anyone saying anything."


"When I was in college, I used to take all of my textbooks to the 2¢ self-copy place and photocopy them. All of them. Then I'd return them before the deadline for a full refund.

"It takes time, but a 500-page book will only end up costing you $10. When the new version is often $100 or more.

"Nowadays, you can usually find a PDF online. But if not, hey, there's this."


"When lying, always include something slightly embarrassing, or something that makes you look bad, as part of your story. It's not only going to disarm their skepticism (admitting to something embarrassing gives an impression of humility), but even if they remain skeptical, they'll be left wondering why you would make something up that you'd rather keep secret if it were true."


"Car in longterm parking? Walk up to the ticket machine and grab a new ticket to present on your way out."


"I have a bunch, here are a couple of my favs:

"Buy the cheapest ticket you can find for a sporting event you want to attend. 1 hour before it starts, log into Stubhub to see which nice (but not heavily secured) seats are still available at a price point higher than the competition. Write a few of them down and chances are you can sit there all game without any issue.

"Keep your next parking ticket (pay online) and put it on your windshield whenever you need to park illegally."


"Call up your TV provider, and tell them you want to stop using them. To keep your business they will offer extra channels. When the channels run out, repeat the process. I have had NFL Sunday Ticket on Directv for 3 years straight now for free."


"Using Clorox or any bleach will turn the red/pink liquid detection dot on electronic devices back to white so they replace them under warranty."