As a hotel guest, you probably don’t think much about the locking mechanism on the hotel door. That’s unless you find it doesn’t work, appears unsafe or your room gets robbed.

Suddenly, the style, security and locking mechanism of the door matter. Hotel owners can’t afford to wait until this happens to take action. As a business owner, it’s essential you understand the door lock solutions available and how to lock a hotel door properly.

Inspire Confidence With The Right Door

Before a guest even gets to the lock, they will see the door. A stylish and sturdy door, such as these stunning hotel Italian doors, will help them feel secure before they even enter the room. It’s important not to underestimate this step.

After all, a flimsy-looking door will suggest security is poor and leave the guest wondering if they have chosen the right hotel.

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Electronic Locks

In the past, the answer to ‘how to lock a hotel room door’ would have simply been with a key. However, we are now in the digital age and electronic locks are generally expected in a hotel.

In recent years this has meant the hotel issuing a keycard which is swiped at the door, only the designated keycard opens the door.

While secure, it’s not as secure as the latest evolution of electronic locks. These are keyless. There is nothing visible on the door, instead each guest needs to download the app. They can then log into the app on their smartphone and tap to lock, or unlock, the door.

The beauty of this is that you can add a biometric lock to your phone. In other words, it’s virtually impossible for anyone else to unlock your hotel door.

Of course, every guest will need a smartphone with good Wi-Fi for this type of lock to be usable.

Other types of electronic locks include a pin code on the door or a key fob combined with an RFID. These can also be effective and don’t rely on guests having a smartphone.

However, all electronic locks need a stable power supply and won’t work if the power is cut. It’s important to consider how you would handle a power outage.

Add Deadbolts

When looking at how to lock a hotel door remember that guests want convenience and safety. Most of the time, guests think about safety while they are inside the room. That’s when they don’t want to have to deal with intruders.

The simplest way to secure hotel doors from the inside is to fit a deadbolt. Any guest can slide it across and feel safe.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to have either a spyhole or a chain, allowing a guest to see who is outside their room before they open the door.

Summing Up

It’s not as hard as you may think to show guests how to lock a hotel door properly. Simply choose your preferred electronic system and combine it with a high-quality stylish door and internal deadbolts.

Your guests will thank you for it. They are also more likely to recommend you to others, that’s good for business.