Are you the type person who can't go a day without posting a picture of your face on Facebook? According to new research, not only is this very annoying but it could very well be damaging to your real-world relationships.

To gauge the impacts of such photos on relationships, 508 participants were asked to evaluate various types of photographs (self, friend, event, family, scene, object and animal), and how each affected a handful of different types of relationships (a relative, partner, close friend, colleague and a general Facebook friend). This was measured on a scale of "support" (how much the two individuals in question would provide help to one another) and "intimacy" (how close an individual is to another).

The findings revealed that "Increased frequency of sharing photographs of the self, regardless of the type of target sharing the photographs, is related to a decrease in intimacy."  The researchers also examined how Facebook users' relationships changed when they posted to a brand's Facebook fan page or published photos that advocate commercial products or causes. Unsurprisingly, people didn't like that kind of stuff either.

So take this as a sign to seriously cut back on posting photos of yourself, because science has pretty much confirmed that nobody gives a crap about what you look like.

Huffington Post