Producing high-quality cannabis products people love to consume is an art. Cannabis brands not only have to use quality cannabis to start with, but they have to know how much to put in each product batch. 

For brands that make edibles or cannabis extracts, they also have to know how to make their products flavorful. For example, Verano utilizes cold ethanol or hydrocarbon extraction when creating concentrates to preserve the quality of naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids..
Since making premium cannabis products is an art, and flower is the original ingredient, it makes sense that cannabis brands would cultivate their own strains. 

Here’s a little more about why cannabis brands adopt this practice.
1. High-quality brands prioritize consistency
Premium cannabis brands are known for their high-quality products, which includes consistency. Cultivating their own strains and lab-testing every batch is the only way to guarantee consistency. Otherwise, their cannabis products are at the whim of another company’s quality control processes.
When brands cultivate their own strains, they know what cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are produced by the plant and, to ensure the highest level of consistency possible by cloning. Cloning cannabis is a technique of growing where small cuts are taken from a mother plant, which are used to sprout roots and grow into a near-identical version of the mother plant. This way, premium cannabis brands can ensure each plant is exceptionally effective—every time. 

For example, the medicinal cannabis concentrates by Verano are designed to preserve the quality of these important elements to give medical cannabis consumers the best raw wax, shatter, and distillate available. Products like Verano Solventless Live Rosin and Live Rosin vape cartridges provide an unrivaled cannabis experience; each step of the extraction process has been perfected and refined to ensure maximum retention of cannabinoids and terpenes, while providing a true-to-flower flavor profile.
For most consumers, consistency is the highest form of quality. When it comes to cannabis, consistency is critical because when a brand changes the amount of THC or CBD, or even the terpene content, the consumer’s experience can be completely different from what they anticipated.
2. It gives them complete control over their products
Cultivating strains in-house gives cannabis brands complete control over their products down to the primary ingredient. Having control over their products helps them achieve consistency, but it also gives them the ability to create new products with ease to develop a robust strain portfolio, so there’s a cannabis product to help you attain any cannabis experience you seek. 

For instance, Verano phenohunted Berry Bliss, the child strain of two highly coveted indicas—GMO and Grape Pie. Berry Bliss’s buds have been described as “picturesque,” and their aroma, taste, and effects are widely regarded among medical cannabis patients and responsible consumers. Also, if a brand offers a strain that is highly desired due to its effects, they can extract that strain to create strain-specific edibles or vapes. 
This is easier and cheaper for the brand than relying on another company. If the brand wants a strain bred for specific terpenes, and that base product doesn’t already exist, they can expect to pay a lot to have it made. On the other hand, if they already produce strains in-house, it won’t take too many resources to create a new products with similar chemical profiles. 

Having the capability to produce strains in-house can also provide benefits in terms of cultivation efficiency and quality control. By making use of grow utilities like tents, nutrients, and lights brands can maintain greater control over the entire production process, from seed to final product. Each component has its input in the growing process. For instance, grow lights give brands the chance to optimize their indoor growing operations and ensure consistent lighting conditions for the plants. This level of control over the cultivation environment with the help of cannabis grow lights by Weedbates allows for precise adjustments of light intensity, spectrum, and photoperiod, resulting in healthier and more robust plant growth. Thus, the whole process becomes a streamlined and cost-effective way to develop new products tailored to desired chemical profiles.
3. Cultivating strains in-house creates more variety and options
When a cannabis brand cultivates their own strains, they can produce a wider variety of products and offer more options to consumers. For example, cultivators can produce strains specifically for shatter, crumble, or even live rosin, while saving other strains to sell as pure flower.
When it comes to providing consumers with options, they can sell their flower directly or extract it to craft cannabis oils, concentrates, and tinctures. Cannabis brands that don’t cultivate their own flower usually source their oils and concentrates from other manufactures. These general manufacturers supply many brands with the same ingredients which then get sold under different labels.
While this isn’t always a bad thing, there’s nothing unique about these products. There are many cannabis connoisseurs out there who prefer the unique strains made by brands that are on a mission to provide the best possible products in the market.
4. It’s not about strains – it’s about terpenes
Technically speaking, while certain strains are known to be preferred, it’s not just the strain that makes a difference – it’s the terpenes in the strain. Where this gets kind of convoluted is the fact that many cannabis companies sell strains with the same name, but the contents of those strains differ.
Cannabis brands that cultivate their own flower can advertise a strain’s specific terpenes to consumers and it will be relatively consistent every time (remember, this is a living, growing organism we’re talking about - it will never be exact batch-to-batch, but it will be enough for consumers to confidently choose their products). These brands take the time to lab test every batch to ensure the content is ideal. If it doesn’t meet their standards, they won’t sell it in the marketplace. 

In other words, you always know what you’re getting from proprietary strains cultivated by brands that grow with intention and lab test their batches.
Custom strains are ideal
In the cannabis market, custom strains are ideal because it shows consumers that the brand isn’t just buying a cheap source of cannabis like all their competitors. Brands that cultivate their own strains stand out from the crowd as brands that care about their customers and want them to have the best experience possible.
There’s plenty of competition out there, but with the majority of the market using the same general sources for base product, it’s no wonder brands that cultivate their own flower stand out as premium brands with high-quality products.