Industries constantly change to adapt to changes in customer trends. This serves as an effective strategy to engage and serve customers effectively. As a result, the iGaming sector recognizes the need to meet the growing demand of players. Today, online casinos, poker, and sportsbooks offer novel features such as live and in-play gambling.

Another growing trend among iGaming operators is incorporating mobile technology into their platforms. With this, players can play their favorite games on their mobile devices. Therefore, we analyze mobile technology for popular casino games such as poker. We also list some recommended new US online poker sites for players nationwide.

Mobile Technology Fostering iGaming Growth

Mobile devices are undoubtedly some of the most significant achievements in recent times. Aside from their communication functionality, they also serve as entertainment devices. And in the context of iGaming, casino games on mobile platforms keep improving.

Mobile technology has resulted in significant advancements in the online gambling industry. This is especially true as operators compete and offer the latest tech trends. Along with industrial growth, players also benefit significantly from the competition. Today, operators look to address three major aspects of iGaming through mobile technology.


Needless to say, mobile casino applications have transformed the iGaming experience. iGaming platforms are very dynamic. This is why the adaptation of mobile tech has been so seamless.

The iGaming industry now explores optimized development of mobile apps. These applications support different platforms, from android to iOS devices. By employing mobile technologies such as HTML 5, these apps perform as well as native apps. As such, it is prevalent for casinos to have mobile-friendly applications.

These applications improve a player's experience. Popular games such as mobile poker and other skill games are also improving daily. Improvements in the iGaming industry are attributed to rising demand for live gaming. This makes online casino games more convenient, reliable, and immersive.

Mobile Payments

Mobile transactions have significantly benefitted from growth in the mobile industry. New, reliable payment options have emerged, all of which are powered by the internet. The internet has also revolutionized payments with credit and debit cards.

Regarding online casinos, players can make transactions from their mobile devices. These transactions include deposits and withdrawals through popular platforms such as PayPal. Other services that foster mobile payments for iGaming platforms include Cash App, Venmo, and Paysafe.

Mobile transactions have also been impacted by cryptocurrency and blockchain. This impact is evident in online casino and poker applications. Through this technology, players are exposed to more flexible payment options. It also offers a lot regarding safety, reliability, cost, and anonymity.

Players Protection

The prevalent mobile platforms of this era remain android and iOS. As such, iGaming operators target players using these platforms. However, significant concerns remain about aspects relating to protection. Across various locations, the issue of problem gambling remains prevalent.

While it might sound far-fetched, mobile gaming may solve this issue. Developers of the top mobile platforms highly regulate the apps that run on their platforms. As such, it becomes challenging to list dangerous apps on these platforms.

Mobile technology also fosters the development of other technologies. Most applications are built with machine learning and AI features. This creates a platform for operators to improve player protection. Protection is a primary concern, and with these techs, it is bound to continue improving.

Best Mobile Poker Applications

Across the United States, poker is the most popular casino game of skill. As such, the demand for mobile poker apps is on the rise. Today, there are several poker apps listed for downloads. We highlight some of the best and what makes them the best option.


PartyPoker ranks as one of the best mobile poker applications available. The app offers numerous variations of poker and other amazing games. The operators have put real work into its app, making it a leader in the industry.

For players looking to engage in the PartyPoker, here are some popular features of the app;

Novel portrait layout that allows players to game conveniently with one hand.
The app employs Diamonds as the in-game currency to access special features
Players are provided with interactive chat platforms.
On the Android platform, the lobby offers different games
Card games provide players with a multi-tabling experience
New sign-up qualifies players for special bonuses on Android and iOS platforms.


Alongside PartyPoker, GGPoker is another popular platform to play real money poker. The application features a new layout and "Getting Gear" system, making it one of the most accessible apps.

The GGPoker app also allows players to share gaming moments on social media. Switching from landscape to portrait layout is extremely easy too. The multi-table option will enable you to play numerous real-money poker games at the same time.


PokerStars is one of the top poker providers worldwide. And their mobile app also follows suit as the most functional app for real money poker games. The app is free to download and encourages a multi-tabling experience. PokerStars applications vary slightly depending on the location. The PokerStars EU app is for players in different parts of Europe, while PokerStars UK is reserved for UK players.

The application offer players different options, some of which include;

Numerous cash games
Spin and go games
ZOOM poker


When considering functionality, the 888Poker is also a viable option. This mobile poker application offers everything needed for both recreational and professional poker games. It features a simple lobby and seamless gameplay fostered by reliable internet connections.

Another significant feature is the screen button size, which reduces the chances of clicking on the wrong buttons. There are so many other excellent features of the 888Poker application, including;

A web cashier
Quick seat options
Effective chat platform for players
A bet slider
Selecting preset avatars

Future Of iGaming Mobile Applications 

Mobile devices are our access to the cyber world. The technology has significantly improved, and they can now carry powerful applications. That said, mobile apps will evidently propel online gambling to new heights. This holds especially with the implementation of VR and AR. No one can say for sure, but with these innovations, mobile technology would introduce a new revolution of online wagering.