If you need quick cash for an emergency and the bank can't help you, let the payment takeover program do it instead. 

We'll take care of all the payments on your house while you fix your credit, so you don't have to worry about anything. We'll do everything we can to keep you in your home so that once you're back on track with your finances and make enough money, you'll be able to sell the property.

What Is the Payment Takeover Program?

Cash house buyers are individuals or businesses that purchase homes to renovate and resell them. There are several benefits to selling your home to a cash buyer, including not having to deal with the inconvenience of a long-term mortgage. When you agree to sell your house, the buyer will take over the payments and give you a lump sum of cash on closing day.

One of the most common questions is how much money you can expect for your home when selling it this way. 

The truth is that there is more than one specific answer because prices vary based on the condition and location of the house, as well as other factors.

How Does the Program Work?

The process involves contacting reputable cash house buyers in your area and having them appraise your property. Next, you will submit an offer for the amount they agreed to pay for your property. Finally, when all parties sign on the dotted line, they will give you a check or wire transfer for the agreed-upon amount, and you can then close on your purchase with our cash buyers.

At Chief Real Estate Solution, the process is easy.

Please give us a quick, easy, and free description of your property.
After confirming that it satisfies our purchasing requirements, we'll analyze the specifics and get in touch with you to schedule a prompt appointment.
We'll present you with a fair written, no-obligation offer.
We'll give you a fair written, no-obligation offer
In as short as seven days, we close at a reputable local real estate attorney, handing you cash in exchange for the property.

Who Is Eligible for the Program?

The program is available for people who have been laid off and can't afford to make their mortgage payments. Also, it's available for those in the process of a short sale or foreclosure, unable to refinance their home due to credit issues, or simply needing some relief.

What Are the Benefits of the Program?

If you're currently struggling to make your mortgage payments, a cash buyer can take over the payments as well as any other liabilities of the property. It helps homeowners avoid foreclosure and keep their credit intact. Plus, when it comes time for them to sell their home, there will be no negative equity from outstanding loans or debt that needs to be paid off by the new buyers.

In Conclusion

The payment takeover program is a great way to take care of your payments without the hassle of dealing with banks and managing your finances. All you have to do is decide on a purchase price, fill out the cash buyer's form, and close on the property.