Committing fraud is a serious white collar crime.  Fraud can impact innocent people's lives and can have serious repercussions for the individual or business that committed it. Handling and analyzing white collar crimes requires a legal expert with a keen eye for attention to detail and ample experience in the white collar crime legal space. 

This is where Duncan Levin comes in. An experienced and accomplished white collar crime attorney who has represented high profile individuals on the largest legal court cases in modern history. His robust resume and track record of success speaks volumes to his standards for himself and his clients. Given Mr. Levin's expertise he always gives a sound and nuanced opinion on pending white collar crimes. 

Mr. Levin has recently weighed in on the Elizabeth Holmes case, where fraudulent activity was committed by her medical lab company Theranos. Duncan Levin and another former federal prosecutor Amanda Kramer have recently been showcased in  The Associated Press giving their opinion on the matter. 

Mr. Levin and Kramer predicted that Elizabeth Holmes was most likely to get a sentence in the range of 9 to 17 years in prison. However they both acknowledged that U.S District Judge, Edward Davila has the discretion and authority to be more lenient in his sentencing.

Another recent fraudulent claims case that Mr.Levin has weighed in on is in regards to the recent high fiber diet book “The F-Factor”. A group of American women recently accused the F-Factor of being a fad diet and leading them to illness and even in some instances causing intestinal bleeding or requiring them to seek emergency surgery services. CEO of the F-Factor and registered Nutritionist, Tanya Zuckerbrot is represented by Mr.Levin. Featuring in the New York Post , Mr. Levin has stated that the claims are “utterly baseless and have been disproven time and time and again.” He has also stated recently that; “The F-Factor Diet has been a huge success and sold hundreds of thousands of units. These eight claims are not based on any medical science whatsoever …  This is absolutely frivolous.”

Mr. Levin's engagement in the fraudulent legal space goes all the way up to the Federal Level at the highest profile court cases. This includes a fraudulent business practice suit between New York Attorney General, Leticia James and former President of The United States, Donald J. Trump. James has sued Mr. Trump and his board of top executives, who are accused of 200 instances of fraud spanning over 10 years. Featured in a Yahoo News Article , Mr. Levin stated "This is going to be a very difficult case for the defendants to win,"..."One of the best defenses to this matter is to delay, delay, delay."

Duncan Levin is no stranger to fraudulent crimes or defenses. He continues to be an authority in the white collar crime space and a sought after opinion. We expect to continue seeing his appearances on major news platforms and hearing his expert advice.