You know your fans are die hard when they start making death threats publicly on twitter. One British soccer should have known better when he tackled One-D's Louis Tomlinson on the field during a charity soccer match, leaving Tomlinson injured by it. Watch the video below:

Gabriel Agbonlahor is the leading goal scorer for English Premier League team Aston Villa and he participated in a charity to honor a former player now battling leukemia. Louis Tomlinson, who should better be left singing in the band One Direction, was also playing.

Agbonlahor swooped in to tackle Tomlinson, leaving him to collapse on the ground because obviously a professional tackle looks tough to deal with. He went on to limp off the field and...vomited into his hand:

A bit much? But wait there's more. Over at Twitter, things got heated up. Their fan base exploded in a fit of rage and threatened to end Agbonlahor. It's either too funny or way too freaky. Check it out:

Is this worse than having Justin Bieber fans attacking you? Or just about the same?