Online locksmith services have revolutionized the way we look at situations like home lockouts. Today, over a phone call, you can book an online locksmith service. Also, you can use a laptop or smartphone to chat with industry professionals. But underneath all the easy-and-convenient service, some organizations simply want to get into your wallet. In such scenarios, either the locksmith asks for money in advance, or they don’t have a legit local shop or may have unskilled workers. 

The professions like locksmith fall under the same category of salesmen, dentist, etc. people never feel that need to be very careful around them. On the other hand, reports are showing that locksmiths, salespeople and sometimes even dentists have been involved in scams. 

How to spot a scammer? 

Locksmith Location 

Typically, the scammer selling Locksmith service would have call centers placed in other countries of the world. That’s why when you ask them for their geographic location, instead of giving a straight answer, they might pretend to be from the local area. To add to details, they might take up a generic name and legit customer care phone number. So, even if your locksmith provides you with your name, location, phone number etc., ensure to do a background check. You must also read online reviews and testimonials. We are the best Locksmith in Homewood.

Mandatory ID Check 

An identification card is important and to be carried along to the workspace. The guide from Custom lanyard makes you more stylish and presentable in your workplace. Today, almost all authentic and reputed locksmith service provider firms have assigned a specific ID card to their employees. All the employees(locksmiths) are asked to carry their card when they go on service. So, this should be on your checklist whenever you call up a locksmith for a service and when they arrive - ensure to ask for ID proof. It’s illegal in California, Birmingham, Oregon, Texas, etc. to work without a proper ID card. In case, you ask for ID proof and your locksmith refuses to show it to you, then perhaps it’s best to call another service provider. The legit locksmith will show identification when asked by the customers. 

Extra Charges 

A simple way to pick up a scam is when a locksmith asks you for extra chargers for strange random things. Don’t worry, it’s the scammers trick to tell customers about the fix which required some extra efforts, tools or equipment, etc. When this happens with you and in most cases, they won’t tell you about all charges up front, then do not hire their service. Even if they suddenly come up with extra charges, then be straightforward and ask them to leave your premises. 

Lower Rate 

Last, another straightforward way to spot a scammer is by the price asked for the service. You can ask a locksmith about the cost of getting a door unlocked? If they share that their price is below the standards for a reason, and in case they provide service at a half-the-standard rate, then it’s a red sign. Mostly, locksmiths have fixed rates, sometimes they are non-negotiable, but scammers tell you even lower rates or ask for transferring half the amount first. 

There have been cases where locksmiths tried to drill the lock in a lockout situation. A professional locksmith has the right tool to unlock a door, causing no damage to it. Do not allow a locksmith to drill your lock, take it as a sign, and ask the service providers to leave your premises immediately. By keeping in mind these basic checks on the occasion of getting locksmith services. For professional service reach out to Birmingham Locksmith  - it’s worth a call. Our specialists are fully equipped and know how to perform their job.