Do you own a business that relies on forklifts to go about daily tasks and work? Forklifts are a staple piece of equipment in many businesses whether they are used occasionally or all day every day. When operated by a trained professional, they are safe and efficient but are you getting the most out of your current fleet of forklifts? Here we’ll take a look at how you can maximize the efficiency of your forklifts. 

Don’t Wait for the Forklift to Break Down to Perform Maintenance

One of the most effective tips that business owners can embrace is to stop waiting for the forklift to break down before maintenance is conducted. If the forklift needs repairs, then it may be out of commission for hours, days, and in the worst-case scenario – weeks. Is your business able to function that long without a forklift, probably not, even if you do have other forklifts in use. Being down a forklift ultimately results in lost productivity which translates to added costs.

Instead, it’s wise to adopt a maintenance schedule wherein each forklift follows a set schedule of inspections and preventative maintenance. This can also help the forklift to last longer overall, which means you’re not replacing them as often.

Perform Safety Checks Before the Start of Each Shift

If regular safety checks aren’t something your company is currently doing, it’s time to change that practice. Performing a safety check before each shift begins means red flags and issues are more likely to be caught early before it becomes a bigger problem or even a dangerous situation for the operator and those in the facility.
You can create a safety checklist that is posted near or inside the forklift so operators can follow the steps and ensure nothing is missed.

The Right Attachment Increases Safety and Efficiency

Depending on what you need the forklift to do, you may need to look at renting, leasing or purchasing attachments for it. These Rightline attachments for forklifts show just how many options exist, and how you can transform your standard forklift into something that is much more multi-functional. The attachments don’t just make it possible to perform more specific tasks, but they allow the operator to do so safely and efficiently.

Some of the attachments you may want to consider for your fleet of forklifts include:
Side shifters
Forward bin dumpers
Double side shifters
Flexible bag handlers
Push pulls
Load inverters, stabilizers and rotators

Always Ensure Operators are Trained and Certified

Finally, you want to be sure that anyone operating the forklift has received proper training and certification. This will ensure they drive it properly and safely, which then maximizes the efficiency of the machine. If the operator knows what they are doing and feels confident, they can go about their tasks much faster, which means higher productivity.

Get the Most Out of Your Forklifts

Each of these tips provides a way for business owners to get the most out of their forklifts while adhering to safety regulations and guidelines.