Keeping your online shop fully stocked with smoking accessories can attract new customers and keep repeat shoppers happy. Look for a wholesale supplier who stocks popular brands and quality products to appeal to your target market.

Consider finding suppliers that have low minimum order requirements or no minimum order requirement at all. This can save you time and money as a retailer.

Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are essential for anyone who wants to make rolling their joints easier. They help to keep products organized and provide a clean, finished product. They also come in a variety of styles, from traditional to funky and creative. This makes them a great accessory to stock for all types of smokers, new and experienced alike.

The best thing about a rolling tray is that it allows you to create a personalized smoking experience that will make each hit unique and enjoyable. It will also help to streamline the process and make cleaning up a breeze. Plus, you’ll be able to fine-tune your rolling skills in ways that aren’t possible with a blunt wrap or paper.

Another great thing about rolling trays is that they’re very affordable. Depending on the size and features, you can find them for as low as $8-15. Most trays have slots that allow you to store your accessories and rolled joints, while others come with lids for extra protection and security. Some even spin or glow in the dark for added flair!

Many wholesalers offer a range of different rolling trays that are perfect for any style and budget. However, it’s important to remember that quality and functionality are key when choosing the right product for your shop. Look for a tray that will serve your customers' needs while providing the best value and the highest profit margin.

There are also some specialized trays that are made for specific purposes, such as one that’s designed to hold hemp or cannabis pre-rolls. These trays are the perfect choice for your cannabis customers who are looking for high-quality, natural products that are easy to roll.

Offering a variety of products is a great way to attract new and returning customers to your shop. This includes offering an array of rolling trays and other smoking accessories like lighters and torches in multiple styles. It’s also a good idea to stock up for certain holidays, such as 420 and Black Friday when your customers are likely to be shopping and searching for the perfect gift for themselves or their friends and family members.

Lighters & Torches

To be a top-notch wholesale smoke shop distributor, you must provide your customers with all the necessary accessories. That means having different kinds of lighters and torches available. While soft flame lighters work just fine for lighting cigars, a butane torch produces a hotter and more precise flame that is nearly windproof and adjustable. While cigar enthusiasts love them, they also find that torch lighters are a great choice for many other tasks, including searing foods and glazing gourmet dishes. Artists use them to get bubbles out of acrylic poured on canvas, and chefs find them useful for creating consistent heat when searing meat or baking cookies.

Aside from their utility, torch lighters are a favorite for their tech-forward design. They can be manipulated to produce an angled flame or even point it inverted without sputtering, which makes them popular among gadget-minded individuals. They also often come with a wide range of add-ons, including USB ports, LED displays, and other advanced features. Each year, manufacturers make adjustments and tweaks to their products to improve them further. For example, some of them have built-in cigar cutters that are activated with a button press.

The number of jets on a torch lighter is another important factor to consider. While some people prefer the single jet option, others like to go with a double or quadruple jet version that can be adjusted to precisely light larger cigars. Try several versions out and pick the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

It is crucial to note that some torch lighters consume more butane than others, especially the higher-powered triple, quad, and quint versions. This is a result of their jets' size and their increased flame strength. Buying a lighter with a refill indicator and an automatic shut-off feature is recommended to help you save on butane costs.

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Vaporizers & Accessories

Having a great collection of vaporizers and accessories is the cornerstone of any successful smoke shop business. These accessories add a wide array of bells and whistles that enhance a customer’s experience with their device. They can also help with cleaning, maintenance, and extending the life of the device. For instance, a customer may need replacement coils or accessories to keep their vape clean. Or they might need a new battery or charger for their device. Vaporizer accessories are often brand-specific, so it’s important to stock them based on the devices you sell.

While some smoking accessories are more important than others, all smokers need them at one point or another. Having the right wholesale smoking accessories will allow your customers to have a pleasurable and hassle-free experience with their devices. It will also help them get the most out of their product and make them want to return for future purchases.

When shopping for wholesale smoke shop supplies, be sure to choose quality items that will stand the test of time and won’t break your budget. You can find the perfect wholesale smoke shop products for your store by using a few strategies and considering various factors, including customer reviews, offerings, and pricing.

Smoke shop wholesale brands offer a great variety of smoking accessories and vape devices for the cannabis community. The best vaporizers, grinders, and other accessories are available from trusted smoke shop wholesale brands like MJ Wholesale, RAW, Zooted, Billionaire, and Zig Zag. These brands offer a wide variety of smoking and detox products at affordable prices so you can stock up your smoke shop with the latest and greatest supplies without breaking your bank account.

The top wholesale smoke shop brands offer an extensive selection of glassware, innovative vaporizers, and premium CBD and hemp products. They also provide other accessories and essentials, like rolling trays, lighters and torches, ashtrays and stash cans, odor removers, digital scales, and more. The products from these brands will uplift your smoking and detox accessories several notches.

Smoking Accessories

Whether customers are looking for a new smoking piece or simply a way to enhance their existing one, there are countless weed accessories available to make the experience more enjoyable. These 420 accessories come in a wide variety of styles, materials, and price points. The best smoke shop wholesale suppliers will carry high-quality items that are both trendy and durable.

Smoking accessories make the weed-smoking process easier, cleaner, and more efficient. They also make it possible for smokers to customize their experiences to align with their specific preferences and habits. Some of the most popular smoking accessories include rolling paper and blunt wraps, torches and lighters, and cleaning supplies.

There are also a number of specialized weed accessories designed to help smokers get the most out of their experience, including ashtrays, digital scales, detox drinks, and stash cans. These specialized smoking accessories help smokers keep their tools and devices clean, free from build-up residue, and ready to use again at a moment’s notice.

The right accessories can make or break a smoking session, so it is important for retailers to stock up on only the highest-quality products. To ensure that they are getting the best deals on these weed accessories, retailers should look for wholesalers who offer low prices for bulk orders and exclusive pricing on popular brands. To find the best wholesale weed accessories, retailers should also consider choosing a supplier that offers an easy-to-use online store and fast shipping.

A reputable wholesale smoke shop supplier will also offer a variety of unique, limited-edition smoking accessories. These special items can set a retailer apart from the competition and encourage repeat customers. They also provide an opportunity for retailers to experiment with new weed accessories without risking inventory or investment.

When looking for a smoke shop wholesale distributor, retailers should choose a company with years of industry experience and stocks only top-quality brands. This will ensure that customers receive only the most reliable weed accessories and superior customer service. To learn more about how to find a reputable smoke shop wholesale distributor, read our expert guide.