The AMC docuseries "Queer for Fear" has become the center of a serious lawsuit filed by Sam Wineman against Bryan Fuller, claiming sexual assault, harassment, abuse and a hostile work environment. However, as people come forward to defend Fuller, there is reason to believe the lawsuit doesn't tell the whole story and may even be a defamatory piece against Fuller.

Tension Between Sam Wineman and Bryan Fuller

Bryan Fuller, executive producer, and Sam Wineman, producer, began work on "Queer for Fear" in 2020. Many claim that Fuller was hired ,even though Wineman did not want this, because of his successful television career. However, others on the project also claim that Wineman's original idea was a feature film about his relationship with cinema and how it shaped his sexuality. Some allege that tensions began because AMC had a different vision and that Wineman did not like that Fuller had more control over the series' direction.

Editor David Kittredge claims that Sam's version of the series didn't tell a coherent story or inform about the history of queer horror. Ultimately, Shudder executive Nick Lazo called for Wineman to be released from the show.

Allegations and Rebuttals

In a complaint dated September 28, Wineman and his lawyers claim that Bryan Fuller sexually assaulted Wineman several times throughout the production of "Queer for Fear." However, since his allegations have come to light, 14 people who also worked on the project have defended Fuller.

The Back-Cracking Incident

In the lawsuit, Wineman claims that Fuller sexually assaulted him when he pretended to "crack his back" but instead used the moment as an opportunity to press himself against his accuser.

However, one of the executive producers, Steak House, claims he was present during the incident. He says he witnessed Wineman claim that his back hurt, and Fuller offered to crack his back. Following this, Fuller also cracked House's back. According to House, the incident happened in front of several crew members and never involved inappropriate conduct.

Discussions of a Sexual Nature

Amongst Wineman's allegations are claims that there were inappropriate sexual conversations on set directed at him. However, a sound mixer on the project, Christian Lainez, claims that there were group conversations about sex because of the nature of the documentary. "Queer for Fear" is a detailed history of the LGBTQ+ community and its engagement with the horror genre. Lainez claims that you cannot talk about queer cinema without also approaching the subject of sex.

Sexual Harassment and Bullying

As part of the lawsuit, Wineman claims mistreatment, bullying and sexual harassment occurred while on set, incidents that he claims occurred in front of his assistant, Meg Chase. According to Chase, Wineman alleges that she broke down and ran out of the room because she was upset with how Bryan Fuller interacted with Wineman. She claims, in reality, she left the room because of Wineman and how much pressure he put on her.

Support for Bryan Fuller

It is rare, in the case of these types of allegations, for so many people to come forward in support of the accused. Many believe that Wineman may be using his lawsuit to retaliate against Fuller for what he perceives as an unfair termination. To ensure justice, it is essential to consider the mounting evidence that supports Bryan Fuller's innocence.