It is important to consider your destination when packing your luxury RV, as well as any side-adventures you may partake in along the way. While you definitely have more leeway to over pack when traveling by RV, many of us tend to bring too many of the wrong things, and ultimately leave something major off the list by accident. 

The best way to prepare is to get a good understanding of the climate at your final destination, consider the activities you will be enjoying, and finally the location type itself. 

Phone Apps

While it may be impossible to predict the weather for the duration of your trip, you want to get a general understanding of the climate that you’re about to be in for the duration of your travel. The first item you should “pack” for your trip is a weather app. 

Get to know how to use your smartphone’s weather app, or download/purchase one that has the features you want. You want to check beyond the temperature and the rain forecast. Look at the humidity levels to help determine how to dress or the sunset time for that planned after dinner stroll. 

Knowing the traditional weather patterns and area where you will be vacationing will help you adjust plans as needed depending on the weather.

Another application you might consider for traveling would be google maps to plan for your trip and find necessary stops along the route; Yelp may also be one to consider. You may also want to try a planning packer app like PackPoint to help you organize your list based on destination. 

Beach Destination

A very common destination of RVs is the beach. Not every location is the same, but there are a few basic essentials needed for every beach trip. 

You and your family will want to have swimsuits (possibly two, one for wearing while the other one dries). Proper beach footwear like flip flops or water shoes should be handy, especially when hot temperatures and broken shells can make sand walking uncomfortable. Never forget a sun hat or sunblock - even if you swear you never burn.

You will definitely need shade for the beach, whether it be a small tent or canopy, umbrella, or other type of sun shield. Don’t forget a window sunshield for your RV! Be sure to bring beach towels, blanket, and a soft cooler (lighter and easier to carry). 

If you have body boards, rafts, even a kayak, traveling by luxury RV gives you the freedom and room to include these items. You want to also keep in mind that some of these items can be rented or are available at your chosen destination. Be sure to check in advance to save yourself extra packing. 

Mountain Destination

Nothing beats a cup of freshly brewed coffee over an open campfire, watching the sun come up over the mountains. That means you’re going to need a coffee pot, cups, and the necessary items to make a fire.

Mountain destinations will likely feel more like camping than any other location. Even in a luxury RV you will want to experience being in the great outdoors. To get the full benefits you will likely cook and spend most of your time outside of the RV exploring your surroundings. 

If you’re not staying in an RV park or campsite, you’ll likely need to include more items on your list. You will need to bring or collect firewood, and have matches or a lighter to start the fire. If you plan to make ‘smores over that fire, you’ll also need to add some things to your kitchen list. 

Proper hiking shoes and outerwear are also essential for this destination. Your beach sandals aren’t going to work when walking through uncharted paths, and temperatures can drop drastically overnight in the woods, be sure to have proper attire for your safety and comfort. 

You may want to consider bear proof accessories like ziplock bags to safely confine any snacks you may be carrying. Always be sure to have enough water and a sturdy water bottle with a closing lid to keep your drink clean. 

If watching the Discovery channel has taught you anything, you also want to prepare for small emergencies that could happen on your trip when you’re miles away from civilization or a phone signal. 

No matter where your destination, be sure to have extra medications you may need, a first aid kit, and a contact person who is not traveling with you who can check in with you periodically to make sure everything is well.

Whether you travel to the beach, mountains, or even further off the beaten path, preparing your supplies for your destination assures that you have everything you need.