Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular around the world. In 2022, they made up more than 15% of cars worldwide and that statistic has continued to grow in 2023. This is likely to do with the rising cost of fuel, the concern for climate change, and the introduction of low-emission zones in populated cities. As well as this, they are becoming cheaper and more accessible. There are more Electrify America charging stations than ever before which makes owning an electric car that much easier. However, is it worth it just yet to buy an electric vehicle? Find out here.

The prices

Electric cars are still and will likely remain, one of the most expensive options in the car showroom. This is because of the construction process and the materials required to create them. Additionally, there is still an extensive amount of research and development happening behind the scenes to improve performance and sustainability. Saying that running an electric car is typically cheaper than a diesel one. So, whilst you may pay more upfront, you will be saving in the long run. 

The Range

Price is usually the first thing that any potential customer looks at first. The next on the list is how far can it go before needing to be charged. Right now, the average mileage of an electric car is around the 300-mile mark (500 kilometres). It is important to check how many miles you would go through regularly to work out if changing your vehicle would be worth it. If you are only going to the office and back, then your electric car will last you 2-4 weeks before be needing to be charged. If you are traveling 100 miles a day, then you may not want to commit to one just yet. 

Running costs 

Electric vehicles do have all the environmental benefits and they give a substantial saving on energy costs if your energy bills haven’t jumped right up in this cost-of-living crisis. As well as this, fixing electric cars has become much easier as they have fewer parts and those parts have become much more accessible to garages and repair services. Thus, they should cost less to service. When compared with a petrol or diesel counterpart, the savings you make from purchasing an electric vehicle can be substantial. 

Charging times

This can be a sticking point for many people. When you go to refuel a regular car, it takes 5 minutes. However, an electric car can take a couple of hours. That is not the kind of time that many people can burn in the day. However, developments have allowed for some higher-range models to charge in as little as 24 minutes, but this premium will cost you. This is something you should bear in mind if you cannot charge your car at home overnight. 

Electric vehicles

There is no denying that they are the future but is it the right time now? They can save you money on fuel but will likely cost you more upfront. Many cities are introducing fines for those vehicles that are not low emission so it may be the time to get involved in the electric vehicles.