You probably won’t be alone in your passion for automobiles, which is why it can be such a good idea to start your own small business focusing on them. The only setback, however, is that you will have no shortage of competition either, so you need to think carefully about what exactly you are going to monetize and who you hope to reach. 

This can seem daunting, but as long as you come up with a plan, you give yourself as good a chance as any of getting it off the ground and putting money in your pocket.

Choosing your angle – selling parts, miniatures, services or information

The world of automobiles is very wide and far-reaching, so you need to see where you can fit in. Ideally, you should find a sub-niche that both piques your interest and provides a resource you can sell. 

Selling parts – you could look at selling parts for a particular feature of a car (for instance, hubcaps) or all of the parts for a certain make or model of car or truck. 
Miniatures – it is not just full-sized vehicles that are popular; miniatures are collected by many around the world, as well as those who just want a particular miniature of their dream car that is currently way out of budget. 
Services – you could provide a service like detailing for car owners who want to maintain their vehicles or body wraps for those who want to give them a new look entirely.
Information – there is a market for specialist information about certain makes and models, and any quick search on YouTube will show you there is no shortage of videos with maintenance tips, many of which have millions of subscribers and views. 

Setting up a website 

Setting up a website is an important stage in turning your passion into a reality, but you need to go the right way about it. When it comes to website design, you may think it should be all about how it looks, but you need to consider how easy it is to use. 

You should start by looking at the overall user experience but then delve deeper so that your website is accessible to anyone who might want to use it. It is important that you learn more about accessibility overlays so that you fully understand the difference a few small changes can make to those who would normally have difficulty interacting with your website. This can add huge numbers to your potential audience, especially if others in your niche have neglected to take this step. 

Creating interest and excitement in your audience 

Once you have the attention of as many people as possible, you need to look at ways you can make them the right kind of offer that can lead to a sale. This might involve a special promotion for a set period of time, like a week or a month, where discounts are offered, or free shipping is available if you have chosen to ship parts. 

Of course, there will be certain dates that are important to enthusiasts of certain makes and models (like the day the first Cadillac was made), so you could also link offers and promotions in line with those.