Shipping your car can be an economical and time-saving method when moving states, while using an established auto transport company is the safest way to ship it.

Prior to shipping your car, remove all personal belongings and clean up. Also, empty the gas tank and document any pre-existing damage.

Door-to-door transport

When shipping a car across the country, finding the appropriate shipping company is integral in securing both time and cost savings. 

Although several options are available to you, door-to-door shipping offers you more safety by sending carriers close to either your home or place of business versus taking your vehicle directly to a terminal.

Terminal-to-terminal or port-to-port shipping offers another cost-cutting alternative, while still taking some time and space considerations into account. When shipping overseas, cars need to be brought directly to a port where they will then be driven onboard the cargo ship or placed inside a container before being sent onward to another state. 

Before selecting an auto transport provider, be sure to obtain free quotes from multiple providers before making a decision. Long-distance moves tend to incur higher costs than local deliveries, with snowbird routes offering the best value. 

When preparing your vehicle for shipment, remove valuables from its trunk and empty its gas tank to reduce theft risk and weight issues. Furthermore, check mileage before leaving it with its carrier, using GPS tracking if available so you know exactly where your car is being sent for transporting. You can click here to learn more about how GPS technology works.

Enclosed auto transport

Car shipping services can be used for various reasons, from buying and selling second-hand cars online to relocating for work. When using one, however, there are some key points that need to be kept in mind, including checking mileage and making sure the car arrives undamaged. 

It is also important to remember that shipping times may be affected by weather and traffic factors that could delay long distance shipments.

As with any service, car transport services often experience seasonal increases in prices. Winter months tend to be the most costly as ice and snow cause delays on roads and thus reduce maximum transport speeds. 

Summer can also be hectic as students leave university early or employees take vacation days; booking in advance could reduce overall shipping costs significantly!

Before hiring a service, always get a quote to give yourself an idea of market price and make comparison easier between companies. In order to receive an accurate quote for state to state car shipping you will need the make and model of your vehicle along with pickup and delivery locations. Additionally, it is a good idea to inquire if there is a guarantee offered, especially with enclosed transport services.

Getting a quote

Transporting a vehicle across states can be an exhausting endeavor, so finding a company you can rely on is essential for the safe delivery of your car.

As many factors can have an effect on the cost of auto shipping, including its distance and type (open or enclosed), costs vary significantly. Most companies provide car shipping calculators on their website to help estimate how much shipping will cost.

Dependent upon your move distance, driving may seem preferable to shipping your vehicle. But driving long distances takes up time and wear on your car can cause further wear-and-tear. Also consider shipping as it will save both time and money while relieving stress.

How to Prepare Your Car For Shipping

When hiring a car shipping company to transport your vehicle cross-country, it is essential that it be properly prepared. 

Washing, emptying out personal belongings such as loose change and air fresheners from inside, documenting any pre-existing damage and disabling alarms are all ways that you can facilitate an easier transportation experience.

Furthermore, any mechanical issues should be taken care of prior to collection so as to avoid problems during transportation.

Before shipping your vehicle, it is recommended to have your gas at a quarter tank so as to maximize weight savings and avoid adding unneeded bulk to the transport process. 

Furthermore, ensure there are no leaks in your car that need fixing - leaky oil, brake fluid or engine coolant can lead to major hassle during transit and cause havoc with cargo loading or unloading processes. You can click the link: to learn more about how to fix a brake fluid leak.

Before giving your vehicle over for transportation, it is essential that all personal items be removed - sunglasses, water bottles, extra chargers for electronics and anything else which might become lost or damaged during transit - from its interior. 

Furthermore, it would be prudent to have an additional set of keys made just in case the driver gets locked out or needs to drive your vehicle onto/off of their carrier.