Fooyoh Entertainment Facebook Social is a new social reading experience on that is part of a new class of apps that help people express who they are on Facebook.

The experience is based on you and your friends’ activity on After opting in, the articles you read on will be added to your profile on Facebook, and on both the Independent site and on Facebook you and your friends will be able to discover recently read Fooyoh Entertainment articles.


How does it work?

By opting into the Fooyoh Entertainment Facebook Social app in the unit to the right and on any article page on The Fooyoh Entertainment site, you’ll begin posting articles you’ve read on to Facebook for your friends to see and interact with.

How can I control what’s shared and with whom?

You can control what activity is added to your profile from within the Fooyoh Entertainment unit; click "Activity" to turn sharing off and click it again to turn sharing back on. A red or green light next to "Social" will show whether sharing is on or off. This setting will be maintained as you browse around the site, but if you move to a different browser or computer it may default back to sharing being in the on mode.

The unit isn't placed on the Health section of the site, so articles in that section will not be shared back to Facebook.

You can also remove individual articles from your archive of read articles. To do this, go to the “Activity” tab and hover over the article you want to remove, and click the cross that appears on the right side . Your reading activity is not stored by The Fooyoh Entertainment.

Remember, you can always check and edit your privacy settings on Facebook here.

How do I opt out?

If you wish to opt out of the experience at any time, click visit your application privacy settings on Facebook. You can reauthorise the app at any time to return to the social reading experience.