Erectile dysfunction is a condition that causes difficulty in achieving or sustaining an erection sufficient for satisfying sex. The key word in that sentence is “regular”. Men can have occasional difficulty in getting hard, but when that difficulty occurs more often than not, or when they can’t get an erection at all, that’s ED - as well as a possible sign that something else is happening.

While ED is an issue, it isn't typically a serious one. In around 20 percent of cases, however, ED can be a sign of an undiagnosed condition such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or heart disease. There may be another cause like hormonal problems, relationship difficulties, stress, certain medications, too much alcohol, smoking, or being overweight. Your doctor will run some basic tests to find out if you can reverse whatever is causing your ED. If so, you may be able to treat the cause without medication. If it is that your ED can’t be easily reversed, medications for the condition are available, safe, and effective in 70 per cent of cases.

What Are the Main Medications?
Some medications are used to treat erectile dysfunction.Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis belong to a class of drugs named PDE₅ inhibitors. To explain how they work, we need to go over the basics of erections. For an erection to occur, a chemical called nitric oxide communicates to the penis’ tissues, which relax and fill with blood. Another messenger, PDE₅, ends the erection.

PDE₅ inhibitors slow the ending of the erection, helping it to last sufficiently for satisfying sex. They don’t help the erection to come on in the first place.

These three drugs have all proven to be effective and safe in treating ED. The key differences between them are:
  • Price
  • Side effects
  • Duration
  • How they’re taken

Among those who are looking to use ED medication occasionally, the majority start off with Viagra. Cialis can be a better option for those who wish to use an ED drug on a regular basis. Some like to alternate medications, depending on their relationship status and lifestyle.

You shouldn’t take viagra with food. You should take it one to two hours after you eat. If you can’t wait, then try to eat only a low-fat, light meal. Alcohol and fatty meals can stop Viagra from working.

While viagra can take effect in 11 minutes, you should wait an hour for it to deliver the maximum benefit. Then it works for three to five hours.

You’ll typically start out at 50 mg. If you’re experiencing side effects, you can reduce it to 25 mg. If you aren't getting the full benefit, you can increase it to 100 mg.

You can take Cialis with or without food. You can also take it on a daily basis or as and when you need it.

Cialis can start working in 14 minutes, but it won’t be as effective until you’ve waited for two hours. The drugs remain in your body for around 17 hours, helping you achieve erections at any time in that window. 

If you’re planning on taking Cialis only occasionally, the typical dose to start with is 10 mg. Your response can dictate whether you wish to increase it to 20 mg or decrease it to 5 mg or not. The regular daily dose is 2.5 mg.

You can’t take Levitra with food. You should wait one to two hours after eating before you take it. Only have a low-fat, light meal if you have to eat something.

Levitra can work as quickly as 14 minutes and be at its most effective after approximately 45 minutes. It will then work for four to five hours.

You’ll typically start out with 10 mg. You can reduce it to 5 mg or increase it to 20 mg, which is the maximum dose.

In Summary
Viagra is the cheapest of the three drugs and has a longer safety record than the other two. You may be pleasantly surprised by treatments for men's health conditions in Canada. The kind of hair loss treatment price in Canada you can expect, for example, is not as high as some may think.

Viagra is also a good choice for the occasional user, but must only be taken on an empty stomach.
Cialis has a higher cost but lasts for longer, which means it’s a good choice for those with a regular and active sex life. It can also be taken with meals.

It isn’t uncommon to alternate between the above two drugs, depending on individual requirements. 

Levitra is more expensive without offering any significant advantages over the other Viagra and Cialis. It’s worth a try if Viagra hasn’t worked for you, however. It works as well as the other two and has similar side effects.

The American College of Physicians (ACP) recommends that you make up your own mind over which drug to try and say that it may depend on your lifestyle and the cost of the medication.