Anxiety is a natural response of the human body to situations of fear and worry. It isn't a life-threatening condition; however, it can disturb your everyday life functioning adversely. 

Persistent anxiety leaves you unable to perform well in your work and house chores. Therefore, it's imperative to treat anxiety right away before it becomes a part of your everyday routine. 

For this, anti-anxiety medications are usually prescribed but owing to their side effects, people are now switching to alternative medications, which include herbs and plants. The following is a list of medicinal herbs that can help relieve anxiety: 


Passionflower also called wild passion vine or wild apricot is a quick-growing perennial herb with trailing stems. It is promoted as a dietary supplement for sleep-related conditions and anxiety. 

It was initially used only in America and certain parts of Europe as a calming herb for anxiety but as of now, it has become popular in the entire world. For conditions like hysteria and restlessness, passionflower can provide you with immediate relief. 

Canadian Mushrooms 

Canadian mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms or shrooms, are beneficial for various mental health conditions. Anxiety happens to be one of them. Canadian shrooms are said to be pretty effective in treating anxiety when consumed in a moderate dose. 


Speaking of treating anxiety, you can never forget about chamomile. It's a common name for different daisy-like plants of the Asteraceae family. Chamomile flowers are naturally loaded with calming properties; thus, they work well for anxiety. 

Not to mention, they can promote better sleep, given their healing characteristics. As you know, persistent anxiety often leads to insomnia. It's hard falling or staying asleep when you're restless. Chamomile can help resolve all such issues with ease.

Kava Kava 

Kava kava commonly called kava is the crop of the Pacific Islands. Kava is loaded with a substance known as kavapyrone, which has similar effects to alcohol. It relaxes your mind, relieves physical tension, and uplifts your mood. 

Due to all these qualities, kava is recommended to people with persistent anxiety. It has a bitter taste, so the best way to consume it is by adding it to tea or coffee. As it increases your dopamine levels, it's also effective for depression.


Lavender is a flowering plant from the mint family. It is native to the Canary Islands, Eastern Africa, and Southwest Asia. Lavender is also packed with healing properties and because of that, it's a popular choice for body massage and aromatherapy. 

The downside is that it cannot be orally consumed. You can digest it in a minimal amount but in case of increasing the quality, lavender can be harmful. It's better to use lavender essential oil for a body massage or you can simply breathe it in for quick results. 

Feeling anxious is okay but if it becomes a routine, it's problematic. Follow the tips mentioned above and see a difference for yourself.