Are you tired of joint pain but don’t want to get on permanent medication? Living with constant joint pain can limit you from doing your simple day-to-day tasks. You don’t want to have a complaint of your knee pain as soon as you turn 40. Arthritis is a common disease that people have to deal with as they grow older. A healthy lifestyle can keep you from getting arthritis or making it worse. What if you have arthritis already but looking for ways to keep it at bay? We will let you know some helpful home remedies to do so. 

What is Arthritis? 

Arthritis is a condition where you deal with constant joint pain or inflammation. The arthritis symptoms can get intense over time, and it can cause a lot of issues in the long run. Hence, maintaining your health plays a pivotal role in keeping the condition controlled. There are different types of arthritis, but two main kinds are; rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis 

Rheumatoid arthritis is not a condition that you can treat through home remedies. It requires proper medical attention if you don’t want to worsen it. This is a degenerative disease that gets worse with time and age. Your immune system gets weaker; hence, it attacks the healthy joint, weakening them with each passing day. 


Osteoarthritis is a condition caused by an injury or muscle tear. When two bones rub together excessively due to wear and tear, it causes inflammation and irritation. You can take medicines and do some home remedies for instant pain relief in such cases. 

Home Remedies to Lower Arthritis Pain 

If you are dealing with arthritis pain, it is best to use home remedies to treat it. Excessive use of medicines can make you dependent on them. Hence, relying on home remedies is much better and helps heal faster. Here are some tips: 

1. Keep Weight in Check 

Do you know excess body weight can trigger arthritis? Arthritis pain usually occurs in the knee, hip, and feet areas. The extra pressure on your hip, knee, and feet can trigger arthritis pain when you gain weight. Hence, it is best to keep your weight in check and lose every extra ounce of fat. Home remedies such as drinking warm water, doing home workouts, and eating greens can help keep your weight balanced. You can do beginner yoga poses if you don’t like intense workout sessions. 

2. Keep Yourself Active 

Keeping yourself active seems like a far-fetched idea when your bones crack, even when you stand up or sit down. Do you think arthritis pain triggers if you keep yourself active? If you think so, you are doing more damage to your body. You can go for a mile walk or start by half a mile. Start with a stroll if you feel like a brisk walk is too much to handle. The more you keep your joints moving, the better it is to prevent arthritis pain. 

3. Honey Wrap 

Honey does not only keep your health in check, but it has numerous healing properties. Honey was an all-purpose product for beauty, health, lifestyle, and whatnot in ancient times. Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can heal joint pain with regular use. You can add honey and turmeric for arthritis in warm water and have it every morning. On the hand, apply a thin layer of raw honey on your joints and wrap a warm bandage around it. Keep it there for almost an hour every day to naturally get rid of arthritis pain. 

4. The cold and hot method 

The famous cold and hot method is a lifesaver for people dealing with arthritis. People put a hot towel on their joint pain, and the next moment they put a cold pack on the same joint. However, it can be too much to handle by some people. Hence, it is better to apply a heating pad to the target area in the morning and cod pack at night or vice versa. A nice hot shower can lower the discomfort at night, and a cold pack can reduce inflammation. However, it is better to consult your doctor before trying hot and cold therapy.  If you're looking for effective home remedies to alleviate arthritis pain, consider the use of Cold Therapy. This non-invasive approach can help manage discomfort and inflammation, making it a valuable addition to your arsenal of natural pain relief techniques.

5. Meditation and Acupuncture 

Our physical healing has a lot to do with our inner healing, which happens through meditation. Many medical experts have researched to declare that meditation helps deal with arthritis pain. You can listen to healing music at home and consciously try to suppress the pain. Acupuncture is a Chinese method for healing physical inabilities and energies. You can get acupuncture kits at home, but booking yourself a professional session is a much better idea. Also, there are no side effects associated with acupuncture. 

6. Use turmeric daily 

Turmeric benefits are numerous, and every Asian uses it in their day-to-day lives. It is a golden spice with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and healing properties. Adding turmeric to your food enhances its flavor and helps with arthritis and other medical conditions. On the other hand, you can add turmeric to hot water and dip your feet to get rid of joint pain. Many people also make honey and turmeric paste and apply it to target areas to ease the pain. Hence, you should grab the spice now and make it a part of your lifestyle. 

7. Take organic supplements 

Supplements are a great source to fulfill deficiencies within your body and keep your energy levels up. Calcium, iron, vitamin D, etc., help you maintain overall health and keep arthritis at bay. However, herbal supplements such as thunder god vine, devil’s claw, ginkgo, Boswellia, etc., help with arthritis pain significantly. Please consult a doctor and ask them to recommend herbal supplements according to your condition. 

Arthritis is not pleasant to deal with and hampers your ability to do many of your daily activities. It is always better to maintain a healthier lifestyle and never deal with arthritis rather than treat it later. However, you can use the remedies above if you are already dealing with arthritis.